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MailsDaddy Free MBOX Viewer

A top rated MBOX file Viewer Portable tool.

An Independent MBOX file reader solution which is used to open mailbox files of Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, PocoMail and SeaMonkey etc. The MBOX mail viewer also supports Eudora mail .mbx as well as opera mail .mbs files.

  • The MBOX email reader allow to view multiple MBOX files at a time.
  • Option to search and add MBOX files from specific drive or folder.
  • MBOX viewer Pro edition is available to export messages into different formats.
  • Show preview of e-mails along with all mail properties and attachments.
  • Integrated with advance Search option to filter out and view content of MBOX file.
  • An independent freeware solution developed with easy to use interface.
  • Free MBOX viewer supports Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista and Windows XP etc.

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A Few Notable Features of MBOX Viewer Freeware Software

open MBOX files on MAC PC

Add More Than One MBOX File

The software is capable to load single as well as multiple MBOX files at a time. So you can add more than one MBOX file and view them according to your requirement.

add MBOX file folder

Add Folder Contains MBOX Files

This is another option to add and load MBOX files. You just need to browse a folder which contains .mbox files. The software will fetch all MBOX files from the folder.

load and view unlimited MBOX files

Search MBOX Files from PC

If you don't know where MBOX files are stored then this option can be used. By using this feature you can browse a drive from where you want to search MBOX files.

view mailbox data

View Contents of MBOX file

The MBOX file reader tool generates a complete preview of selected MBOX files. You just need to click on particular file to load and view its email messages.

read mbox file attachments

Preview Email Attachments

Free MBOX viewer tool allow users to view all attachments embedded with emails. You can click on messages to view its content as well as corresponding attachments.

preview MBOX files

Search and view Messages

By using Search Mail(s) feature of the tool you can search emails of specific criteria (To, From, Subject, Date and Has Attachments) and view its content.

open opera mailbox

Opera MBS Viewer Software

You can easily open and view opera mail .mbs file by using this standalone MBOX viewer. The software support .mbs files created by Opera mail .

how to view gmail mbox file

Portable Gmail MBOX viewer

This freeware software can be used to view Gmail MBOX file along with email attachments independently even if you don't have installed any desktop email application.

how to read thunderbird inbox file

Thunderbird Mail File Reader

Mozilla Thunderbird create MBOX files for mail folders which cannot be open with MS Outlook. This MBOX email reader will help you to open Thunderbird store mail folders.

how to open apple mail in windows

Apple Mail MBOX Viewer

If you have Apple mail backup files on your Windows PC and want to read its content then this free MBOX viewer will be helpful for you to open Apple mail independently.

how to open entourage database in windows

Entourage Database Viewer

Many users think how to open entourage database in windows which is an MBOX file. So use best MBOX file viewer to read Entourage database along with attachments.

open eudora mbx file

Best Eudora MBX Viewer

If you are thinking how to open Eudora mbx file then this portable MBOX mail viewer will solve your query. The software supports MBOX and MBX both types of mailboxes.

Upgraded Features for this Portable MBOX Viewer Pro Software

save mbox messages

Easily Save individual Message

Pro edition of this MBOX email opener provide additional features to save individual messages into one of the required file format.

save attachments

Save MBOX File Attachments

With the upgraded edition of the software you will able to save all or required attachments of a specific e-mail into their original format.

extract selected emails

Export Selected Items Only

This option is available for portable MBOX viewer pro users by using which they can save a few selected messages into required format.

 export mbox to outlook data file format

Save MBOX to Outlook File

If anyone want to migrate MBOX file messages into Microsoft Outlook then this feature will be helpful to save MBOX file as PST format.

export mbox files to html

Convert MBOX to MHTML

By converting MBOX files to MHTML format you can open emails with a standard web browser and directly print them or save to PDF format.

mbox emails to rtf

Export MBOX Files to RTF

The MBOX file reader pro edition helps users to save mbox messages to RTF file format which can later open with word pad & MS Word.

extract mbox to eml

MBOX to EML Conversion

By converting MBOX messages to EML format you will able to open and import messages into Windows Live Mail and other email clients.

 export selected mbox files to msg

MBOX to MSG Conversion

You can convert MBOX files emails into MSG files which are supported by Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 etc.

What is MBOX File and why need this Standalone MBOX Viewer Tool?

An .mbox is a mailbox file format used by several email clients to save mail account data in a simple text file. The most popular email clients support MBOX format are: Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird and Opera Mail etc. Gmail also create MBOX file when you archive emails. To read an MBOX file you must require one of above email application. Don't worry you can use a free MBOX viewer tool to open and read MBOX file messages independently.

Why this MBOX mail reader tool is used?

This is a standalone solution for viewing or exporting MBOX files emails. Free edition of the software let users to view email along with corresponding attachments but does not allow to save or export these messages since MBOX viewer PRO enable all restricted features and allow to save MBOX file emails as well as attachments. The tool is very helpful in several queries such as:

  1. How to read Thunderbird email files
  2. How to open Eudora mbx file in Windows
  3. How to open apple mail in windows
  4. How to move mbox file messages to ms outlook
  5. How to read entourage database file in windows
  6. Free software to read Gmail mbox file 

Alternative Solutions to open and Read MBOX File

There are several free open source email applications which can be used to open an MBOX file such as: Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, PocoMail, SeaMonkey and PostBox etc.

Note: These applications are free but some time you may not able to view MBOX file attachments using these programs so it will be better to go for MailsDaddy free MBOX viewer.

Check How to Open MBOX Format files by Using MBOX Message Viewer

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MailsDaddy Free MBOX Viewer Demo Limits & Specifications

By using this free MBOX file viewer tool you can open and view MBOX file content along with all Mail properties and attachments. Upgade to MBOX Viewer PRO edition to export MBOX file into required file format.

Product Specifications:

Application Name: MailsDaddy Free MBOX Viewer
Developers: MailsDaddy Software
Latest Edition: 1.0
Size 6.63 MB

System Requirements:

Processor & RAM: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 50 MB
Supported Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and All Older Editions (32-bit & 64-bit)

Frequently Asked Questions for MailsDaddy Free MBOX Viewer

Yes, the software supports Opera mail .mbs files. You can open and view multiple Opera Mail files at a time.
Free MBOX viewer is restricted to save or export items. You can upgrade the software to PRO edition to avail these features.
Yes, with the help of MBOX reader pro you can convert and migrate MBOX file data into MS Outlook 2016.
Yes, the software is capable to scan and preview Entourage database file on your Windows PC.
No, for now we provide MBOX viewer for Windows only. MAC version of the software is under development and will available soon.
No, this is a standalone MBOX viewer solution which does not require any other application to view or export MBOX file messages.
Yes, you can browse Eudora MBX files to view email messages along with Meta data and attachments.
Yes, you can browse Google Takeout backup MBOX file and view emails without any hassle.