How to create or set up mail rules in Mozilla Thunderbird

|   3-Nov-18

Nowadays no one can manage own email manually, because it is a gathering of many emails that we cannot even distribute in folder. But if we apply message filters, then no need to pay much attention to handling the message. Especially, all email clients provide this facility, only we do not have complete information about it. In this page, we will tell you about an open source email client message filters – Thunderbird and Know set up mail rules in Mozilla Thunderbird.

A huge fan of Thunderbird email client knows that it is the most useful email client after Outlook & Office 365 and its number is in millions.

About Thunderbird Message Filter

Thunderbird Message Filter is easy to use and apply. This is Thunderbird’s embedded function, which keeps your inbox safe from overflow and discrimination. In which you can arrange many types of filter for different folders.

Organize your emails using Thunderbird Message Rules 

These filter automatically works on newly received emails and store in a define folder using contain key-word. Below guidelines show you “How to set up mail rules in Mozilla Thunderbird.

  1. Open Thunderbird email client and create a new folder
  2. Go to Tool tab >> Click on Message filter option.

Thunderbird message filter

3. A pop-up window open, Click on New button.

thunderbird message filter

4. New pop-up window open, given a suitable name of your filter.

5. Tick in the all check boxes if required otherwise mark getting new mails.

6. Enable “Match any of the following”.

7. Use the drop down menus to select key in the email body and then write a contain word which given in messages such as sender mail id or signature. You can also add more subjects for the same filter using + button.

set up mail rules in Mozilla Thunderbird

8. In “Perform these action” window >> Choose your destination folder (new folder)

Thunderbird message rules

Now your set up mail rules in Mozilla Thunderbird is ready to use. When you receive any message related to this filter option then it will automatically move to the destination folder. I hope you fully understand “how to use the Thunderbird message filter”.


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