About us

Welcome to the MailsDaddy, a trusted name in the arena of Data Recovery and Migration. Our motive is to provide best quality data recovery and Email Migration software for the Technical and Non-Technical users. We believe in simplicity and working hard to provide easy to use Applications.

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  • Data Recovery Solution
  • Email Migration
  • PDF Management
  • Android Application Development

Founded in 2015

MailsDaddy is a Software Development firm founded in 2015. The company is working in the field of Data Recovery and Email Migration. The MailsDaddy software range is now used globally and this is increasing our motivation to develop more software applications.

1000+ Satisfied Customers

More than 1000+ customers over the Globe have used the solutions provided by MailsDaddy and these numbers are growing day by day. Our Data Recovery solution helps in repairing the users data and bringing the data back to normal state. The Email Migration suit of MailsDaddy plays an important role in the migration of Email Client.

Our Mission

Our Goal is to create Effective and High quality Data Recovery and Email Migration Software for our clients. We believes in making the life of IT peoples easier. By using MailsDaddy products one can recover and convert files easily and efficiently. The main aim of Our Company is to provide 100% user satisfaction

Who We Are

MailsDaddy is a Leading Software development firm that is working in the arena of Data Recovery and Email Migration. Our Software help users in recovering the lost data and also helps in performing the Email Migration. The company guarantees the Secure and Safe payments with 128 bit secured SSL payment Gateway