M@ilsDaddy Money Back Policy

M@ilsDaddy Software stands apart from other software vendors, with its flexible money back policy. The company is determined to provide transparent money back policy on the entire range of its commercial ware utilities. We keep customer satisfaction on the top of our priority list, thus our exclusive range of software tools are developed to meet the desired requirements of our customers. Free demo version of the software is available online and users are strictly recommended to evaluate the product before purchasing the licensed version.

We are having a dedicated staff of Technical support to solve all technical related queries. The users can also watch our online video tutorials available on official website to get the detailed knowledge about the functioning of the product.

Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) is provided from our end but with a condition that the refund is not eligible if the client is not sending the file to our support department or not uploading files on our FTP Server, even if we are ready to sign the NDA.

In case the customer is not satisfied with our products, he/she can exercise their fullright to claim and receive a refund within 30 days after the purchase date. No refund is available after 30 days.

Refund is not applicable in the following cases:

  1. If a customer no longer requires the software utility.
  2. If a customer faces difficulty due to incompatible computing environment.
  3. If a customer purchases the software with no prior intention.
  4. If the software utility is purchased for wrong platform.
  5. Lost or misdirected email.
  6. If 40% of data is successfully recovered from the corrupted files.
  7. If a delay occurs in license processing.
  8. Delay in downloading the software.
  9. If the software utility is purchased without prior examination of demo version.
  10. If the time period of 30 days is over after the software purchase.

How Does our Refund Policy Works?

In case you are facing any technical issue with our product, kindly contact to our technical support team. We are endeavoured to take each enquiry seriously and patiently. Your technical issues are analysed and evaluated by the tech support team to provide you the best support as soon as possible

There are some criteria we have set to maintain the company standard and refund policy. Before you apply for refund please duly follow some instructions:

  1. Take screenshots of errors you are facing while operating the program and send to our support team.
  2. Make a complete video of conversion or recovery and send us the video via email (It helps us to analyse your problem)
  3. If our technical team finds the video inappropriate to analyses the problem then you need to send your file through Google drive service
  4. If the file is too heavy then you can provide remote access to check on your system

The purchased price (excluding shipping/handling/commission/TAX) is refunded when our support team fails to perform recovery from the files provided by our customers.