How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird?

|   26-Oct-18

Thunderbird is a trusted email client in many large and small businesses, but no one pays attention. It sometimes makes a copy of constantly email, which can cause some problems. Here in this article I will show you an easy way to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird account.

Why is it necessary to delete duplicate emails of Thunderbird

Having one or two duplicate emails in personal PC does not have any special effect. But if it is happen in big industry then there have more impact. There are some possibilities of getting some unwanted duplicate mail because when you transfer Thunderbird mailbox to another mail client like MS Outlook. So surely, it also saves those mails which are already store in Outlook. Therefore, it is important to remove these emails by using manual method. In case of MBOX to Outlook migration, everyone can delete these email copies without facing any problem.

Other possibilities for duplicate email
These errors are suddenly happen and until user understand it, storage is completed. Below we are referring to some problems.

  1. Incidental activities by the users: If your Thunderbird has more than one subfolder and you are copying any mail in different folders, then it can cause a problem for you.
  2. Sender side mistake: If, the sender sent the same mail over and over again due to any intension or slows down of the server, then Thunderbird saves duplicate mail after received first mail.
  3. Server issue: In the case of communication, the server is such a center that used in all email clients in some way. But sometimes due to some problem, it starts behaving irrelevant. And it constantly downloads the same mail repeatedly.

How to remove duplicate emails from Thunderbird

As I said, there is a manual procedure available to remove all duplicate emails from Thunderbird.

  1. Open your Thunderbird in your PC
  2. Go to Tool tab and choose Addons.
  3. Add-on tab manager will be opened then choose plug-in in left side bar.
  4. Go to search box and type “Remove Duplicates” then hit search button
  5. Find “Remove Duplicate Messages” then click on Install button to add this add-on into the Thunderbird.How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Thunderbird
  6. When the installation is complete then press “Restart now” button to re-open the Thunderbird.Remove duplicated email from thunderbird
  7. To check the activation of the add-on, repeat the process and enable my add-on. OR  go to extension option in Add-on manger tab.
  8. Now go back to your account section and right click on folder >> Select “Remove Duplicates”.
  9. A pop window open if duplicate email available in your inbox otherwise if show a confirmation message that “NO duplicate messages found”.

Note:  You can also use “Compact Now” method to reduce disk space of Thunderbird mailbox, which is a hand-free solution.

So, I think that you have understood completely that “how to delete multiple email on Thunderbird”. It is a very simple and safe way to remove duplicate mail from Thunderbird. If you have doubt then feel free to ask the question.

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