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Fix Thunderbird sending of message failed SMTP Server timed out Error

Are you getting an error “Thunderbird sending of message failed SMTP server timed out”?. Doesn’t worry find the step by step solution to fix Thunderbird sending of message failed SMTP timed out issue.

In this article, we will discuss a situation which interferes with the following error.

Mozilla Thunderbird sending of message failed SMTP Server timed out

If, you are a Mozilla Thunderbird user and encounter one of this error in genuine or social life then you have the right place. Keep reading the entire article and you will find an easy way to fix this problem.

About Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an open source desktop email client which supports SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols. These protocols help the user to configure and access their data from online service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediff mail etc.  It is also responsible to send or receive emails from external source.

Reasons of Thunderbird message failure

If you have some technical knowledge then this problem is not so difficult. In any other perspective, if there is no technical knowledge, then we will solve your query here. Let’s see the following points, which depend on “Thunderbird Sending of Message Failed SMTP Timed Out”.

  1. When configuring a new account profile or updating Thunderbird.
  2. No longer support, when ISP detects spam or virus on port 25.
  3. Block sending emails due to Antivirus or Windows Firewall.
  4. SSL/TLS server is not set.
  5. Misguide or wrong fill the SMTP port at the time of configuration.

Follow these solutions to resolve “Thunderbird sending of message failed SMTP timed out”

  1. Thunderbird is not using any proxy to send mail through an antivirus application.
  2. Check for the latest version of Thunderbird update or update to the latest version.
  3. Download any network monitoring or analysis tool like Wireshark, NetworkMiner etc. to test network traffic before sending outgoing messages.
  4. Switch off your antivirus or Windows firewall and try sending the mail again. If Thunderbird was blocked by them, then it will work.
  5. Re-check the server or SMTP port connection and assigned right port if it is not set. OR change the Thunderbird SMTP server port and check TLS/SSL server setting.

Sample of configure with POP or IMAP


Incoming: Host name: pop3.domain

server port: 995

Outgoing: Host name: smtp.domain

server port: 465


Incoming: Host name: imap.domain

server port: 993 or 143

Outgoing: Host name: smtp.domain

server port: 25 or 465

I hope you understand that how to handle the “Thunderbird sending of message failed SMTP timed out “error.  On the other hand, you can use MS Outlook which is comparatively much better than Thunderbird as well as has a user-friendly interface. Use MailsDaddy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter to migrate Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook and import all mail data from Thunderbird to Outlook in a few clicks.

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