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Boost Laptop Speed

How to Boost Laptop Speed When It Becomes Slow?

Most of the time the user’s old laptop works slow and does not function properly. In such a situation, users become very disappointed and start buying and selling a new laptop. But what if your newly purchased laptop is also not working properly. Don’t worry! I have some effective tricks using which you can easily boost laptop speed when it is slow. So, let’s start knowing all the procedures and increase laptop speed.

Step to boost Laptop/PC Speed:

1: Remove All Antivirus:

If you have installed any antivirus in your PC or already have any antivirus installed then remove it now because it is slowing down the speed of your laptop. Windows already provides you with its own antivirus and its name is Windows Defender Antivirus. This alone is enough for all viruses.

2: Use some special shortcuts:

A: %temp%:

Press Window + R >> type %temp% and click OK. This shortcut provides you with all the temporary files and folders that cover your laptop space without any need. So select all and delete it.

B: Prefetch

Press Windows + R >> type prefetch and click OK. This covers your lappy space unnecessarily so remove all this as well.

C: Recent:

Press Windows + R >> type prefetch and click OK. Now you will get all the recently opened files and folders. Select all and delete it.

3: Disable Unnecessary Background Apps:

When you open Task Manager and go to Startup options, you will find all the apps that automatically run in the background when you start a window that slow down your PC. You can disable all the apps you don’t need by right clicking.

4: Auto Delete Temporary File:

Click on Window button >> Type Storage Sense and click on Turn on Storage Sense. Enable Storage Sense here. It automatically frees up space, deletes temporary files and manages locally available cloud content. 

5: Restart The Laptop:

Sometimes the restart process also helps in increasing the speed of the laptop. This clears the temporary cache memory and allows your device to start fresh.

6: Remove unnecessary files and Software:

The more space your laptop covers, the less the system performance and speed will be. So remove those files and software from your laptop or PC which you do not need.

If the problem still persist use these some ways to boost your laptop’s speed:

A: Add More RAM:

Sometimes you may face this problem due to low RAM. To get rid of this, you can increase the RAM. This will speed up boot time, application loading, and web browsing.

B: Change HHD to SSD

SSDs are faster, more durable, and have faster load times than hard disk drives (HDDs). So, Install a solid state drive (SSD)

Conclusion: These are some tips and techniques using which you can increase the speed of laptop and PC when it is slow. Hopefully this article will prove to be very helpful for you and you will be able to easily increase the speed of your laptop.

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