Common Lotus Notes Error of Domino Server- Complete Solution

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Lotus Notes is a highly technical platform to operate by users, still, it is the most prominent email client among the users. Through the highly technical methodology, a tyro user faces many errors due to inexperience in Domino/IBM Notes or lack of technical knowledge. A user may face this Domino Server/Lotus Notes error while accessing their notes data file (.nsf). Get complete accurate knowledge about the Lotus Notes error and know their solutions to resolving the Domino errors with this write-up.

Most Probable Domino Server/Lotus Notes Error-

lotus notes error

IBM Lotus Notes works as not only an email client also works as a server application. While performing an important task with Lotus Notes or Domino server, sometimes an error or multiple errors occur at the same time. It is frustrating if the error occurred due to a malware attack. There are further described most common Lotus Notes error occurs in IBM Notes and Domino Server-

  1. Network Operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time: Please retry
  2. You are not authorized to the database of the user’s local mail file.
  3. Your current Id does not specify an Internet certificate for signing.
  4. Migration Error: Database has not been opened yet.
  5. Database Error: Database corrupt-Cannot allocates space.
  6. The Lotus Notes file does not exist.
  7. You cannot utilize the admin program while the Domino Server is running.
  8. The object store that is used by this note was not found.
  9. Error creating product object.
  10. Entry not found in the index.

# Lotus Notes Error 1: Network Operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time: Please retry

This error is the most common and frustrating issue for Domino users. It often takes place when the scheduled agent or web agent file fails to complete tasks. A Lotus Notes user can resolve this error by implementing resolutions as further described-
Solution: There are two methods to solve this issue to reassess the NSF mailbox file in the same machine.
Method 1: User need to follow these simple steps-

  1. Open Lotus Notes email client.
  2. Open the Replicator page and manually activate it.
  3. Either you can replicate the line “Sending Outgoing mail.

If the above doesn’t work for you, follow the second solution.
Method 2: Follow these simple steps to apply the second alternate method.

  1. Open the current location of the file.
  2. Check the Mail tab.
  3. If the value is set as “Local” in mail file location, then replace it with “On Server”.
  4. Now check the “send Outgoing mail” field.
  5. Change the preference “Through the Domino Server” from “direct to the internet”.

# Lotus Notes Error 2: You are not authorized to the database of the user’s local mail file

This error takes place when one tries to attempt unauthorized access on a password protected NSF file in the absence of an administrator. It displays these type of error messages-

  1. You are not authorized to access that database.
  2. Not authorized to access Lotus Notes Database.
  3. You are not authorized to access the Lotus Notes database.
  4. You are not authorized to perform that operation.

Solution: To overcome this common error of Lotus Notes, users need to follow these simple steps. To start the process, first, check that the account exists in the Domino server directory. Follow these steps if you are ensured that the domino server different from the admin account.

  1. Generate a new admin account on the same domino server in which the user has the account.
  2. Provide manager access to the mailbox files by enabling the permission explicitly for the admin account.
  3. Confirm that the admin account is capable to open the mail files.
  4. If the error is continuous, then enable all the permissions for the admin account.

# IBM Notes Error 3: Your current Id does not specify an Internet certificate for signing

Whenever the user performs an email signup process and set as it with default settings then they encounter this Lotus Notes error. For these settings, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) used to signed messages to other Lotus Notes recipients. In this error, the Lotus Notes key doesn’t work to send the email through the internet.

Solution: To resolve this most common error of Lotus Notes user should have an X.509 certificate integrated into the Lotus Notes ID. In addition, there is mandatory to change the default settings of signing messages.

# Notes Error 4: Migration Error: Database has not been opened yet

This is a common error of Lotus Notes that mainly overcome in the IBM Notes 8.0 version. The main reason for this issue is having changes in the LotusScript code. It displays the error Database has not opened yet when the LotusScript code detects an invalid database object handle and tries to work with it. Some more possible reasons for this error are-

Read About How to Compact NSF data file

  1. When the server or file path is incorrect.
  2. When the current machine fails to connect with the targeted Server.
  3. When the user doesn’t have any rights to access the Notes file.

Solution: Unlikely there is not an exact method to solve this error, nevertheless, to fix this issue, the user needs to check all configuration settings and provide the correct path to access the Notes file.

# IBM Notes Error 5: Database Error: Database corrupt-Cannot allocates space

This error mainly occurs when the database file of Lotus Notes/Domino got corrupted. This error comes in desktop.dsk file. This message shows the corruption in the IBM Notes data file.

Solution: To solve this issue user need to follow these steps-

  1. First, you have to get off the NSF file from corruption state to a healthy state.
  2. Delete cache.ndk file and then rename the file as bookmark.nsf. (you can solve this issue by making a copy of the corrupt database.)
  3. You have to create the copy file at the Operating-System level or by the following File >> Database >> New Copy from IBM Notes.

# Notes Error 6: The Lotus Notes file does not exist

Generally, the user overcomes this error when they update their IBM Notes application and open with old .nsf file. For this error, there are several other reasons responsible for this issue. Such as-

  1. Poor availability of Internet connection.
  2. The absence of Notes files in local storage.
  3. Unavailability of file due to file renaming cause.

Solutions: To encounter this Lotus Notes error, the initial step is to check the internet connectivity. After that follow these steps to check the reason and its solution.

  1. Check the appropriate location of the file, whether it is correct or not.
  2. If the archive.nsf file is renamed or deleted then check it in the archive settings. For this, File >> Database >> Properties >> Archive Settings.
  3. If the error occurrence reason is updation of Lotus Notes then install an antivirus application without the deletion of Lotus Notes temporary files.

# Domino Server Error 7: You cannot utilize the admin program while the Domino Server is running

The error occurs when the user installs the Notes files in local storage but prefer file servers to store data. Due to this situation, an error appeared on the user machine as “You can’t utilize the admin program while the Domino Server is running” and Lotus Notes and Domino server stops accurate functioning.

Solution: To overcome this issue, you have to follow these simple steps-

  1. Open Notes configuration file (Notes.ini) in a text editor.
  2. Edit the file and add a new parameter “Directory=” under Notes program file.
  3. Parameter Syntax: Directory=C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data.
  4. Save the Notes.ini file and restart the IBM Notes application.

# IBM Notes Error 8: The object store that is used by this note was not found

This is a DAOS error. It generally comes when the Lotus Notes shared mail is unavailable to use. When a user tries to access the document that is no longer available in Domino Object store then a popup appears with an error message as Notes Error: The Object store Notes that is used was not found. Run the object store COLLECT task on this database.

Solution: As it already mentioned in the error popup that runs the COLLECT tasks to fix this issue. With this task, you can remove the recommendations.

# Lotus Notes Error 9: Error creating product object

This error confronts tote user due to the LotusScript code. When a user tries to create an agent by using the Lotus Connector LotusScript Extension (LCLSX) to connect the DB2 table. A DIM instruction with UI element is enough to produce this error prompted as AMgr: Agent (Agentname in filename) error message: Error Creating Product Object.

Solution: To resolve this issue, you need to contact the help center of IBM Notes. Firstly record or take a screenshot of the error and then contact the Support team of Lotus Notes.

# IBM Notes Error 10: Entry not found in the index

Whenever a user updates the Lotus Notes policy files locally, he faces this Lotus Notes error. In this error, a message box has prompted with an error message- The following error occurred while trying to update the certificates stored in the Certifier ID with those from the directory on the server you selected: Entry not found in the index.

Solution: To solve this big but easy to solve the error you need to edit and save the every defined policy of Names.nsf on server replica.

Final Words

Never be stressed with any Lotus Notes error or Domino Server error. Every problem has a solution and here we described all the possible solutions for each most occurring errors of IBM Notes and Domino Server. You can eliminate all problems associated with Lotus Notes by implementing these simple methods.

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