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Google drive to another account

Move Google Drive Data to Another Google Drive Account

Google Drive is a digital file storage service that the company offers to all Gmail users and it includes 15 GB of free storage. You can create, share, edit, and store files on the cloud with Google Drive. Three services—Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive—share the free storage space. In this article we will be discussed about how to transfer Google Drive to another account.

What are the reasons to transfer Google Drive to another G Drive?

There are multiple reasons for migrating Google Drive files to another account, some are mentioned below:

  • Not enough storage in your G-drive account.
  • For your choice, you want to switch to another account.
  • You wish to transfer certain important papers from a shared account to a personal account.

These are some of the most common reasons are mentioned above. Maybe you have another reason for Google Drive migration.

How to Transfer Google Drive Data to Another Account

For Google Drive migration there are multiple methods includes, you can pick any one of your choices. Let’s discuss all the methods:

Method 1: Direct transfer between two Google Drives

Direct file transfer between two Google Drives is one of the easiest migration process. Let’s go through the steps of this procedure:

  • Login Gmail Account and Open Google Drive.

Open Gmail

  • Click on My drive> select the file you want to transfer > Select Share option > click on Share.

click on share

  • Enter the email address or select the account.
  • You can write any message (optional) > Click on Send.

Enter any message

Now the File sharing of Google Drive to another drive is done. You can see it by login the selected Gmail account. Now you can see your Google Drive files in both the accounts.

Method 2: Download Files and Upload it

In this method we will download the selected file and upload it. It’s not easy as before

  • Open your Google Drive.
  • Select the files you want to transfer.
  • Right click on the selected files and select the option download.



  • The files will be downloading on your local PC > right click on the download zip file and extract all the files.
  • Now login another Gmail account and go to Google Drive.
  • Click on New and select File upload and upload all the files that was extracted before.

upload file

Method 3: How to transfer Google Drive to another account using Google Takeout

Another tool provided by Google is Google Takeout, which enables users to archive their data and move it from one Google Drive to another. Let’s see how to do it

  • Go to
  • Click on deselect all.

Google takeout

  • Click on Drive then press the next step button.

click on Drive

  • You can select the destination of the file by choosing the option of your desire and then click on Create.

destination of the file

  • The process will take time depending on your data size.
  • After completing the process the, you will receive and email from Google takeout for downloading the data file.


Users don’t understand how to transfer Google Drive Data to Another Account, that’s the most confusing one. But in this article, we have discussed the most easy and effective methods. Also, users can use any professional tool if they need  to transfer files Google Drive to another account.

I hope you like this article and it has been beneficial for you.  If you have any doubt related to how to transfer Google Drive Data to another account, do comment below.


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