[Solve] How to repair corrupt MOV and MP4 using VLC

  Admin |   30-Sep-19

How to repair MP4 and MOV video files? – This question will often come in your mind. We have brought this post about your same problem, so that you will be able to repair corrupt MOV and MP4 file in a few simple clicks. If you also have such a file that you are looking for ways to fix, then this post can be useful for you.

repair corrupt MOV and MP4

What is MP4 and MOV files?

MP4 and MOV both are digital multimedia container format commonly used to store video files. However MOV files was developed by Apple which is compatible with Window and MAC OS and MP4 file is created by Moving Picture Experts Group.

Reason behind corruption of MOV and MP4 file-

There are many reasons behind the corruption of MOV and MP4 file corruption such as-

  1. Broken header in video documents.
  2. Virus attacks on both video files.
  3. After changing the existing video format to other format.
  4. Connection breaks in between the downloading of video files.
  5. Suddenly breakdown of electric while video is running in Media player.
  6. Compression problem
  7. Attempting to play the video, which is not supported by VLC Media Player

Solution to repair corrupt MOV and MP4 file-

Method-1- repair corrupt MOV and MP4 files by using VLC player-

The users can easily repairs video files by using the VLC player. It is an effective solution, which is capable of solve with corruption issue of both MOV and MP4 file. To solve it follow the steps-

  1. First open VLC Player and go to Media option then choose the Convert or Save option.
  2. In the next step add the input file or stream you want to transcode, and then press convert or save
  3. provide the name of destination file in covert & save window
  4. After providing the file name, choose the desired Codec option from the profile list.
  5. Click on Edit Selected Profile option and edit the specified profile settings
  6. Here you can also create a new profile or delete any existing profile
  7. At last click on start button.

After the process is complete, navigate to the file and see if the video files are playable on VLC and other players. Otherwise use the second option below to fix the MP4 or MOV file.

Method -2- Try to recreate video file-

To recreate the video file follow the steps-

  1. Start with creating a copy of the original MP4 or MOV files
  2. Now provide a new name to the video file as AVI
  3. Run the VLC player application in your Laptop/Desktop
  4. Select VLC and go to Preferences option then choose Input or Codec option.
  5. After that select Always Fix option and next to Repair AVI Files.
  6. And last hit on Save option, which is available in the bottom section of the Preferences window

Both methods are completely free to help you resolve corruption in MOV and MP4 files.

Conclusion- I have described a free solution to repair corrupt MOV and MP4 video files using VLC media player. Now you can fix MP4 and MOV file by following the above steps.


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