[Solve] How to Fix “Cannot Get Mail” Error on iPhone and iPad?

  Admin |   24-Sep-19

Sometimes, iPhone and iPad users may face a “Cannot Get Mail” error message. It is a common error massage when IOS device is unable to retrieve new emails or new mail account as configured then full error message “Cannot Get Mail” shows up as pop-up window. It is very important for the users to quickly resolve this error because it prevents email from working as expected. We will learn in this blog how to fix “cannot get mail” error.

I phone Fix “Cannot Get Mail”

Fix the IOS device error “Cannot Get Mail “-

There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of this error, so let’s check the entire settings one by one and solve the error-

1- Check the internet Connection- 

Firstly, the user need to sure that you have an active internet connection because slow data connection & mail server connection to fail can also the reason behind IOS device error.

2- Remove and Re-enter mail account- 

Sometime the incoming and outgoing server information of the user account is not accept by the email server so the user needs to remove his mail account and add it again. To remove and re-enter mail account follows the steps-

  1. Firstly, open go to setting option is IOS device and select the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.
  2. In open new, pop up window click on the “Delete Account” option.
  3. Then back to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” window and click on the “Add Account” option.
  4. Now the user needs to choose the email provider like- Yahoo mail or Exchange and then sign in to your email.
  5. After complete the login email account process refresh the mail massages and check the error.

3- Restart the IOS device- 

Sometimes there are many possibilities to solve the issue to restart the IOS device so if the error “Cannot Get Mail”  show is popup window screen then  turning the IOS device off using the IOS software Shut Down feature & wait till sometime and again open the device and check the error.

4- Restart network setting- 

It is another way to solve the error message “Cannot Get Mail”. To restart the network setting follows these steps-

  1. Firstly, open the IOS device and go to “Settings” option.
  2. Then click to the “General” tab and select the “Reset” option.
  3. In the reset popup window clicks on “Reset Network Settings” option.
  4. After complete the process then restarts the IOS device.
  5. Then again, open the device and check the error.

5- Change Microsoft Exchange security settings

If the user is the administrator on the Microsoft Exchange server then they can adjust the settings or ask the administrator to do this. To change the Microsoft Exchange security setting follows these steps-

  1. firstly, open Active Directory Users and computer
  2. In the top menu select “View” tab and click on “Advanced” Features option
  3. Then right-click the mail accounts and chooses “Properties” option.
  4. In open new popup window click the “Security” option and hit the “Advanced” button.
  5. Then select the checkbox Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” and click on apply button.

By using the all-manual process, the user can easily resolve the “Cannot Get Mail” error message. There is no need any technical requirement to fix the error by using these methods.

Final Word- I have described to solve the error of IOS device “Cannot Get Mail” the connection to the server failed. By using any method, you can easily fix the error and get the mail back to iPhone or iPad or IOS device.


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