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MailsDaddy NSF Converter tool moves Password protect NSF data to Outlook, Office 365, EML and various other mail format. It also helps you to convert Contact and Calendar in separate file format.

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  • 8+ Conversion format for Lotus Notes NSF file.

Change Lotus Notes Password or Resetting NSF File Password

There is a need to change Lotus Notes Password because Lotus Notes uses only one file format NSF to save the user mailbox data in the local storage. NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility in which user’s emails, addresses books, calendar entries, Task details; personal journals, etc. are saved in a sequential and well-designed manner that is easy to fetch for the users. Although, the NSF file stores all mailbox data at one location along with a user id, therefore, Lotus Notes bound the user to provide login credentials to open IBM Notes 8, 8.5, 9, 10, etc.

Somehow, If the user has forgotten this password they can change the Lotus Notes Password in a few simple clicks as further described.

Methods to Unlock and Reset Lotus Notes Password

Lotus Notes creates a client id for each user of IBM Notes in the format of or, which is stored in the default file saving-location of Lotus Notes. Whenever a user runs the Lotus Notes client application, the software prompt a User Login dialog box, where the user has to fill their login credentials to operate their respective NSF file. In any case, if the user forgot that login credential then he needs to change the Lotus Notes password, for which there are two methods to reset the NSF file password as further written.

  1. Using IBM Notes Client
  2. Using Domino Administrator

Method-1: Change Lotus Notes Password using Notes Client

To change your password using IBM Notes client you have to follow these steps and execute a process to reset the Lotus Notes password.

Step 1: Open Lotus Notes Email Client 9 and provides the login credentials to log you in to access Notes NSF file.

login password for IBM Notes

Step 2: Go to the menu bar and click on File Menu.

Step 3: In the File menu, select the Security option.

Step 4: From the Security drop-down option, chose the User Security option.

Lotus Notes security password

Note: As you chose the User Security option, a pop up will appear on the screen to provide login details one more time.

Step 5: Now from the User Security wizard, in the Your Login and Password Setting hit the Change Password button.

Click Change Password

Step 6: Again insert the password by which you logged in in the starting. Now in Change Password wizard enter the new value of the password in the Enter New Password field and confirm it in Re-enter new password field.

change Lotus Notes Password

Additional Point: By choosing the No Password button, the user can remove the password from the Lotus Notes client.

Step 7: Click on the Ok button in Change Password window, and again click on the Ok button in the User Security dialog box.

Note: Now your password has changed, use the Notes client with a new password by re-open it. To reuse any of the old passwords again, you have to attempt four successful password resetting processes to make it differ from the old password to the new password.

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Method-2: Change Lotus Notes Password using Domino Administrator

One can unlock the NSF file password with the help of Domino Administrator if they forgot their password. In this situation, the user needs to follow these simple steps-

Important Note: The process will help you if the NSF file is saved in Shared Network Folder.

Step 1: Open Lotus Notes Email Client in the machine and provides a login Id and password.

Step 2: As you enter the wrong password, it prompts a Recovery window, there click on the Password Recovery option.

Step 3: Select the Lotus Notes id file to reset the NSF password. Generally, it is saved as or

Note: You must know your Notes id (which is saved in Notes/Data directory) to unlock it.

Step 4: Select one of the Recovery Administrator entities from the list and call them to help you with Recovery Password.

Step 5: Enter the 16 characters long Recovery Password provided by the administrator in the Enter Password field.

Note: As you entered the recovery password correctly, your Id file will be unlocked to perform the resetting the Lotus Notes password process.

Step 6: Now enter the new password in the respective field and confirm it then click on the Ok button.

How the Administrator Works to provide the Recovery Password

When a user calls an administrator to help to change Lotus Notes Password means reset the notes id password, then the administrator follow these steps-

Step 1: Go to the server-based ID recovery database.

Step 2: Find the latest backup Id of that particular user and detach it in the temporary directory.

Note: usually the name of the file will be ~~tmpid.ide.

Step 3: By using the Domino Administrator choose the Configuration- Certification- Extract Recovery Password.

Step 4: Provide the own Administrator password in the prompted window.

Step 5: The administrator will get the 16 characters long recovery password for the user. Send it to the user.

Final Words:

In this blog, we explained all the possible methods about how to Change Lotus Notes password by approaching a simple resetting NSF file password process. With these methods, the user can unlock and reset the password of the NSF file efficiently. Anyhow, if the user failed to change the password, then he needs to access the file in other platforms that mean he needs to convert their NSF file. For this, MailsDaddy Software provides advanced solutions like NSF to PST Converter for Outlook and Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration for Exchange Online tool.

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