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Most Common Reasons for Hard Disk Drive Failure and their Solution

Are you suffering from a hard disk drive failure? To know about failure reasons first get the information about the Hard disk drive. Hard Disk or Hard Drive, the most important mechanical device component of a Computer System that works on an electronic medium. It is the main storage component of the machine that uses magnetic storage functionality to save and retrieve the user’s data. It stores system files, operating system files, software programs, in short, saves everything in a digital informational way in one or more fixed rapidly rotating disks.

What is Hard Disk Failure

Hard disk failure is the relatively painful and frustrating problem of the computer users that occurs when a user cannot reach the data and access them. It basically occurs due to hard drive malfunctions and the user can’t store data information from a properly configured computer system.

Why Hard Disk Drive failure occurs

Basically it is a mechanical instrument but subjected to both electronic and mechanical stress at the same time. Therefore, here are more chances of a hard disk drive failure. A hard disk failure may happen anytime due to numerous reasons like power supply, Block damaging, virus attacks, corrupt Operating System files, etc. A Hard disk failure becomes a relatively most painful problem for the user because sometimes it is hard to recover the data from a failed hard drive.

Common Issues for the Hard disk failure & its Solutions

hard disk drive failure

Issue 1. Power Failure

This is the most common error for the Hard Disk failure that occurs serious damage if it happens frequently. Due to this, hard disk drive faces failure later or earlier.

Reason: It happens if required Power Supply is not delivered accurately from the power source like UPS or electronic power circuit. The multiple shocks to the hard disk form the electricity reduce the lifespan of the Hard disk drive.

Warning Signs: One can identify the Power surges by these symptoms-

  • The system turns off suddenly without any prior warning message.
  • BIOS fails to detect the system hard drive.
  • The spinning of Hard disk becomes deactivate.

Solution: Provide an uninterrupted stream of the power supply to the computer system to spin the complete Hard disk accurately. Use a better quality UPS machine for providing an uninterrupted power supply after power failure.

Issue 2. Internal Error

The parts of the Computer Hard disk are very sensitive so they need some care. The lifespan of the internal parts of the disk is directly propositional to the caring of it.

Reasons: Dropping off the drive impact harm on the internal or external part such as Spindle motor, PCB Board of the hard disk, which makes the disk drive inaccessible or damaged.

Warning Signs: If the hard disk drive is damaged internally then one can identify it by these symptoms-

  • A grinding voice comes out from the disk drive.
  • File and folder will become invisible from the saving location.
  • Black screen appears repeatedly after the boot process completes.
  • Computer system become freeze completely.

Solution: Replacing the old Hard disk drive with a new one can emit the hard disk failure apprehension.’

Issue 3. Firmware Error

It is the utmost and the undeniable reason for the hard disk drive failure. It happens only with a newly purchased hard disk drive.

Reasons: It happens if the Hard disk manufacturer companies sell the disk drive without its proper testing or examination.

Warning Signs:

  • The hard disk prevents the data storing process after a few days of purchasing.
  • The hard disk becomes undetectable for the computer system.
  • The system either deny the booting process or hang up in between the booting process.

Solution: As you recognize these type of symptoms, you need to contact the manufacturer organization immediately otherwise if the warranty period over once then you may lose your data permanently.

Issue 4. Corrupted Files

Corrupted files apply more burden over the Hard drive to access the data, which is not possible to read. This may decrease the lifespan and spinning of the hard disk.

Reasons: If the disk drive is corrupted, then the invalid or inaccessible data file is likely to be get corrupted later or earlier. Virus attack on the files is another reason for the hard disk corruption.

Warning Signs:

  • An important file may be corrupted or inaccessible.
  • Sudden power off or force Restart can cause.
  • The Operating system failed to boot the operation.

Solutions: Remove all the possible cause of file corruption. Use the best antivirus in the system to protect the data files. Keep your system up to date and never download any software from the unknown and untrusted source.

Issue 5. External Reasons

A hard disk drive is a mechanical component of the system which may be affected by many external unimagined factors.

Reasons: Hard disk drive failure may occur due to overheating, water spreading, atmosphere changes, and bad sector accumulation, etc.

Warning Signs:

  • A blue screen appears frequently.
  • System process gets slow.
  • Some noise arises from the system hardware.

The system started heating after working few minutes.

Solution: Provide proper ventilation to the system processor and its peripherals.

Issue 6. Human Errors

All those errors that are caused only due to human mistake makes serious damage to the system because of this the result will disk crash.

Reasons: When a user changes the address and attributes of the system files, and install the Operating system incomplete or incorrectly then it makes the hard disk failure.

Warning signs:

The only symptom of this failure is that the computer system starts abnormal processes.

Solution: You need to use a reliable and secured Disk data recovery tool.


A hard disk drive failure can be occurred due to one of the above-explained reasons, so the data stored within the hard disk may lose. Therefore, as you identify any type of symptoms, then perform a data backup process to export the data to another drive before it is corrupted.

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