How to hide and delete strikethrough emails in Outlook?

  Admin |   19-Feb-21

Microsoft Outlook has many advanced features of saving, sharing, or deleting email that a user can use to organize Exchange email. Apart from this, arranging the fairs through IMAP and POP3 is a different feature found in Outlook.

When deleting emails in the IMAP account, it becomes strikethrough instead of deleting. Due to which the user gets a different feeling of error because it is neither going into the trash nor completely deleting. (more…)

How to solve wordpress internal server error 500?

  Admin |   11-Jan-21

Hello, here we are going to focus on a common internal server error 500 in WordPress. If you are a WordPress user, then you must have had to face this problem occasionally. Debugging was not reported when this problem was on the server, although this problem was resolved in newer versions of WordPress. Now with notifications, the user also gets the message of troubleshooting.

In this post, we will learn about 4 main ways that you can get rid of Internal Server Error 500 on WordPress. (more…)

How to create shared mailbox in Office 365 Exchange Online?

  Admin |   7-Jan-21

Here, through this blog, I am ging to tell how to create shared mailbox in Office 365. Creating shared mailboxes helps a group of people to communicate and reply to messages sent to the shared mailboxes. Shared mailboxes are free and there is no requirement to license up to 50 GB. To increase the limit of shared mailbox there is the need for the license. Only people inside the organization can use shared mailboxes. When a user sends a message from this mailbox then is sent from the shared username rather than the individual username. Members of the shared mailbox can see the received message and respond to it. Each member can also view the changes done by the other members.

How to create shared mailbox in Office 365 using EAC?


How To Fix Outlook Sending and Receiving Error 0x800ccc0f.

  Admin |   4-Jan-21


As per the user’s feedback and reviews, anyone can’t deny that Outlook is the most popular email client. (more…)

Method to fix Microsoft Outlook error 0x80070002

  Admin |   26-Dec-20

The user sometimes faces Outlook error 0x80070002 while creating a new account on Outlook. This error prevents users from creating a new email account in Microsoft Outlook. One of the main reasons for this error arising is the corrupting the file structure and the PST file’s outlook (more…)

[Solved] Windows Live Mail Error 0x800C013E in Windows 10/8/7

  Admin |   15-Dec-20

Amongst the challenges faced in Windows Live Mail, users have to face the problem of code 0x800c013E unknowingly. This makes it impossible to get any work done on live mail. This error has to be faced by people after the launch of the new update of Windows Live Mail in 2004, (more…)

How to fix Outlook Synchronization Error – 8004011d-526-80040115-0?

  Admin |   3-Dec-20

Outlook creates an OST file that you can use in offline mode. OST file is the copy of data stored in the MS Exchange server. You can make the changes in the OST file but synchronize once you get online with the Exchange server. But in some situations, it doesn’t get synchronize and it shows some errors. (more…)

Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 on a Windows/MAC

  Admin |   1-Dec-20

Error code 0x204 – The question mark in its title is that this is an error in the operating system when using the Remote Desktop Protocol. However, whether, you are trying to access data from any OS like Mac system, Windows system, Android phone, etc. (more…)

How to Add, Edit and Update Outlook Signature?

  Admin |   1-Dec-20

At present, anyone cannot deny that Outlook plays a very important role in email messaging. Microsoft Outlook offers multiple tremendous features so that users can easily work on it and maintain their database. In this way, Signature is an interesting feature in MS Outlook. Using Outlook Signature, the sender adds their personal information like- name, email address, social id, and others.  It helps senders to make emails attractive. (more…)

Troubleshooting method to fix Outlook error code 0000000E

  Admin |   28-Nov-20

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that save the mailbox data in two file formats as .OST file and .PST file format. The OST file is an offline data file that synchronized with the MS Exchange server database to assists the users to view mailbox data in offline mode. (more…)

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