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How to Create Partition and Add New Drive in Windows?

When we purchase a new laptop, by default one dive C is created in the hard disk. C drive is the local disk of your computer on which your operating system runs. It contains all the default programs, applications, and system files on your computer. Due to some personal requirements and data security purposes, most user create a new drive like D, E, F, etc. In this article, I will share the easy process to create partition and add new drive in Windows Computer/laptop.

Process to Create Partition in Computer:

1: Click on the Window + R button to open the Run app.

partiction 1

2: Here in the search box type diskmgmt.msc and click on OK button.

3: Now a new Windows “Disk Management” will be open. Here you can view how many drives you still created, what are the sizes of all drives, and other information.

4: If you want to create the partition of C drive space, just right-click on C drive and select Shrink Volume.

partiction 2

5: After clicking a box Shrink C will be open. Put the size in the “Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” option and press the Shrink button to start Shrining and create a partition.

partiction 3

Process to Add New Drive in Computer:

After creating the partition we just need to create a new drive and add all shrink space in the new drive. For this,

1: Right-click on the shrinking space and select “New Simple Volume”.

partiction 4

2: Now again a new window “Simple Volume Wizard” will be open. Here just click on the Next button.

partiction 5

3: Now you can see the information that will be available in the new drive. Here again, click on the Next tab.

partiction 6

4: Provide that drive name in the latter, like D, E, F, G, etc, and press the Next button.

partiction 7

5:  After that in the file system section, select “NTFS” and click on Next.

partiction 8

6: Finally, click on the Finish button and wait a few seconds to move all space in New drive.

partiction 9

Final Words:

So, this is the process by using that you can easily create partition and add new drive in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, and other windows supported systems. I hope after reading this article will be much beneficial to create partition and add new drive in Windows.

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