How to fix Outlook Synchronization Error – 8004011d-526-80040115-0?

  Admin |   3-Dec-20

Outlook creates an OST file that you can use in offline mode. OST file is the copy of data stored in the MS Exchange server. You can make the changes in the OST file but synchronize once you get online with the Exchange server. But in some situations, it doesn’t get synchronize and it shows some errors. Outlook Synchronization error – 8004011d-526-80040115-0 is also an error that you get while synchronizing with the server mailbox. In this case, you won’t be able to access the OST file. Even if you try opening that file you get this synchronization error in Outlook.

Why you get this error message 8004011d-526-80040115-0?

  1. The system is having an issue with the Network connection.
  2. Exchange Server is down
  3. OST file got corrupted
  4. Power failure
  5. Issues in Outlook profile

Whenever you deal with this problem and try to open an OST file then you get the “Sync issue” folder showing error logs like this:

8004011D-526-80040115-0 - Copy

Here, it says that there is a problem with the Exchange server either due to network connection or the server down showing you the synchronization error of 8004011d-526-80040115-0. It clearly shows you an error so that you can resolve it.

So, now I will discuss how to fix synchronization error in Outlook.

How to resolve this error 8004011d-526-80040115-0?

  1. You should have good network connectivity
  2. Synchronize when the Exchange server is online or running well, server down may lead to synchronization Problem in Outlook.
  3. Repair corrupt OST file. Might be due to the damaged file the OST file is not accessible and it is showing you an error message.
  4. Recreating a profile can lead to solving this issue
  5. OST integrity check tool: OST integrity check tool is an inbuilt tool to help resolve your issues related to synchronization as it detects all the issues related to synchronization. It compares the OST file and the data stored in the exchange server and solve the issues according to matching data.

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Conclusion: In this blog, I tried to talk about the Outlook synchronization error 8004011d-526-80040115-0 that you face while synchronizing the OST file with the exchange server and how to fix it.


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