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How to Clear Gmail Storage to Free Up Some Space?

Gmail provides free and paid email services for users to send or receive email messages. It is the best free email management platform used by millions of people in many countries. So, one may face storage problems if they receive massive email messages. So in this article, we will discuss how we can deal with the Gmail storage issue. But before proceeding further, you should know about the Gmail storage policy.

What does Google offer and how to control Google Storage?

It’s free but to a lesser extent which is 15GB per Google account on the free plan. This storage limit includes all Google services like Google Drive, Photos etc. So it would be better to check its holding from time to time by visiting the storage page.

For example, you receive an email from an insurance company regarding a policy that contains some documents like PDF. In this case, Google will use both Gmail and Google Drive space to download this email message.

What are the options available to free up Gmail storage?

I have described all the possible methods to make space for new emails in Gmail.

Method 1: Remove Unnecessary Emails and Attachments

On a daily basis, we receive many promotional or spammy messages in our mailbox which Google sometimes fails to categorize. So remove unnecessary emails and attachments from the Gmail folder to make room in Gmail. For this, you can use the filter option in the search bar and create a filter by specifying the details of the email. After that select unnecessary email to delete it and go to the trash folder and click on empty trash now to increase the Gmail size limit.

Fault: After deleting the email it cannot be recovered at any cost, you lose this email forever.

Solution: Back up email messages, attachments, and other items before deleting them to free up space in Gmail.

Method 2: Google takeout to free up space in Gmail

This feature is provided by Google to download the data related to the Google account linked to the user. Users can extract all the required databases in one file using this.

It involves simple steps read here: Gmail Backup

Note: (1) Select the maximum size limit to handle all stored data in one file; Otherwise, multiple files will be created.

(2) All steps are related to individual users of Google accounts and provide Gmail backup in the MBOX file. At the organization level, you must enable Google Takeout from the administrative level.

Drawback: You can take a backup in only MBOX file format and some space is required to get a new email for the mailbox download link.

Solution: If you follow this method to export Gmail email in MBOX format, you can install any of many email clients to open that MBOX file. It is available for both Mac and Windows systems. In addition, MailsDaddy can also provide the free MBOX viewer to open and read email messages and attachments.

Method 3: Gmail to Gmail Migration for making space

Users can transfer data from one Google Account to another Google Account. This option takes effect by creating a new email address on Google and moving the data from the old email account to the new one.

The steps are mentioned below:

  • Create a new email account on Google, go to Settings under the old Gmail account.
  • In Forwarding and POP/IMAP Options, select Enable POP for All Mail.
  • When messages are associated with the POP drop-down menu, select Uncopy Gmail.

Phase 2:

  • Open a new Gmail account and go to Settings.
  • Select Accounts and Import, click Import Mail and Contacts. Fill in the email ID and tap on Continue to import email database from Gmail out of space account.
  • Allow email migration, select the Import option, and press Start Import.

Drawbacks: (1) It takes longer to transfer emails from one account to another. There is always uncertainty in completing the process due to the connection interruption between the accounts.

(2) This option is not a solution to dealing with the space problem from Gmail as it will spread email information across multiple accounts if the newly created account suffers from re-storage.

MailsDaddy Gmail Backup Tool to clear Gmail storage

MailsDaddy Gmail Backup Tool solves this problem in a fast and reliable way and allows you to make room in Gmail. With the tool, users can choose specific folders and export them to HTML, MHTML, MBOX, EML, MSG, PST, and other formats.

This software preserves folder hierarchy, headers, images, and other email properties in their original state. The application is also available in free mode which exports the first 20 items per folder without binding any terms and conditions.

Working steps to clear Gmail storage

  1. Download and launch MailsDaddy Gmail Backup Tool.
  2. Enter login credentials to sign in to your Gmail account. (If you have any trouble logging in, click on the IMAP setting option in the software.)
  3. The software will generate a preview of all the contained folders. Select the specific folder if necessary.
  4. Choose between PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLX, HTML and MHTML formats.
  5. Browse the destination path to save the exported data file and press Next.
  6. Wait till the export progress is complete to get the backup at the entered destination.


When users reach a pre-set maximum storage limit, it affects basic Gmail functionality such as sending and receiving email messages. Even users cannot download the attachment to access its contained data. So here I have described two possible methods that you can apply to clear the Gmail storage. Also, shared the solution which gives backup in different formats to do space of Gmail.


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