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10 ways – How to keep Office 365 More Secure?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud solution that provides multiple features including storing data, collaboration, teamwork, etc. It provides several normal and business applications to do all the important tasks of the organization. Exchange Online is a relevant solution that works on a cloud platform and provides enhanced security. Let’s learn a few steps on how to keep Office 365 more secure.

Few notable points to keep Office 365 more protected:

1) Make a strong password and keep it always protected

It is always recommended that all users and the Administrator should always keep a complex password that is difficult to guess. The password should not be any person’s name; it should be a mixture of all letters, numbers, and symbols. The password of the Office 365 account should not be shared with any unauthorized user. It is better to change the password after a few intervals of time for security purposes.

2) Setup Multi-Factor authentication

MFA helps users to keep Exchange Online accounts more protected by setting the double authentication system to Office 365 accounts. It helps users to set either phone or the app verification system along with the login process. This dual authentication process lets the user either configure their phone number or the application that is used during the login process.

3) Protect Office 365 from malware and ransomware

It is very important to protect Exchange Online account from all kinds of ransomware and malware. The cloud platform is also more prone to attacks by hackers.

4) Keep track of users’ activities & prevent unauthorized access

Quickly blocking unauthorized users prevent O365 data loss. Therefore, it is also important to keep track of real-time changes in all activities of Office 365 users. One can also set alert policies in Exchange Online users for security and compliance.

5) Create an Office 365 Retention and Backup Policy

Creating a policy for backing up Office 365 data and retention of data helps users to keep the data always backed in even after deletion in one separate folder. Users can restore the data of Exchange Online whenever needed and keep safe all the time. To know more, people can get details here: Office 365 Retention Policy.

6) Always Backup O365 data

As Office 365 data is critical to Exchange Online users, it is important to keep the O365 data secure. One way to keep the Exchange Online data secure is to extract the Office 365 data into PST or in any other file format and save it locally. As you all know the backup task takes a long time and include complex steps, therefore, user can look for the best Office 365 Backup Software.

7) Train users of Exchange Online

Providing training to the Office 365 users helps them understand how to use O365 more securely and effectively. This also helps them know how to protect their Office 365 data and prevent human error. It is also important to make them aware of how to identify phishing attacks and enable the high-security feature at the correct time. This lets users know how to use the Office 365 account more responsibly.

8) Stop auto-forwarding emails

Auto forwarding of emails let the users stop sending malicious attachments, files, links, etc. This helps users in keeping their Office 365 accounts secure from any kind of attacks from unauthorized users.

9) Enable advanced threat protection

Advanced threat protection keeps Office 365 more protected. This will let the Administrator use the smart way of securing Exchange Online accounts. Enabling ATP let users protect themselves from all kind of phishing attacks and authorizes access to Office 365 accounts.

10) Keep track of entire details of O365

Keeping track of Admin and the User activities helps in knowing all important information and the changes happening. Enabling notifications gives a quick view of all the activities of the users of the Exchange Online account. This helps to prevent O365 data loss and data theft.


In this blog, we learned the various steps on how to keep Office 365 more secure. Users and the Admin of Exchange Online can implement these important points to keep the Office 365 account more protected.


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