Recover Permanently Deleted Word Document in Windows – Free

  Admin |   20-Sep-19

As we know, MS Office is a collection of applications related to the office, which helps users to easily work with any application on the local system. In this blog, we are discussing how to get back or retrieve the word document, which has been deleted. (more…)

Most Common Reasons for Hard Disk Drive Failure and their Solution

  Admin |   20-Sep-19

Are you suffering from a hard disk drive failure? To know about failure reasons first get the information about the Hard disk drive. Hard Disk or Hard Drive, the most important mechanical device component of a Computer System that works on an electronic medium. It is the main storage component of the machine that uses magnetic storage functionality to save and retrieve the user’s data. It stores system files, operating system files, software programs, in short, saves everything in a digital informational way in one or more fixed rapidly rotating disks.


Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error- 0x00000058- How to fix in Windows?

  Admin |   20-Sep-19

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) commonly known as Stop Error in technical terms and encountered when Windows OS is suffering from some serious issues, which forced to Stops completely. BSOD stop error occurs when operating systems refuse to boot because of some internal issues in hardware or hardware drivers.

[Solved] Two methods to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10?

  Admin |   19-Sep-19

Most users of Windows 10 often face significant data loss problems. We know that every file and folder is required for each user. But sometimes we delete our important files incorrectly and later we feel that the data was very important. Now the question arises that how you can recover the folders/files in Windows 10 after permanent deletion. (more…)

How to fix Disk Errors in Windows 10

  Admin |   18-Sep-19

Hard Disk

Hard Disk is also called hard disk drive, hard drive or fixed disk that is rigid non – removable magnetic disk with a large data storage capacity. It is faster and reliable than a floppy disk and it is a primary media for storing data and programs. It works as permanent storage as we know RAM is a volatile or erasable memory that gets erased when the power goes up. So, Hard disk is safer to store data for long-lasting.


How to Recover Data from Corrupted SD card – Free & DIY Methods

  Admin |   18-Sep-19

In this world of communication, everyone has many means of importing and exporting data, yet users use a quick transfer device like SD card. Because, this small chip easily available with large size.

Know more about SD card

SD is known as Secure Digital and it is a non-volatile memory card format. (more…)

Easy way to Recover Lost or Deleted YouTube Video

  Admin |   17-Sep-19

recover delete youtube video

Today, there is hardly anyone who is not familiar with the name of YouTube. Billions of people are surfing the Internet every day, of which millions of videos are watched and uploaded to YouTube. It is common for people to edit such videos over and over again and give different effects. (more…)

Easy Methods to Fix – The System Cannot find the File Specified

  Admin |   17-Sep-19

Sometimes, the Windows users may face the error message “The System cannot find the file specified” in different types of scenarios. This is the common but problematic errors for Windows users. It is very important for the user to solve this error because it directly affects the user’s data. (more…)

How to Recover Corrupted OST file & Access Inaccessible OST File Data in Outlook?

  Admin |   29-Aug-19

As we know that today’s every organization is more forward than the previous time. All persons want to secure their data from others. That’s why they believe in desktop email client for their send and receives emails, calendars; tasks, appointment and everything else and they can monitor the entire conversation. There are so many applications and services available in the market to use an email account and access mailbox. (more…)

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