[Solved] Windows Live Mail Error 0x800C013E in Windows 10/8/7

  Admin |   15-Dec-20

Amongst the challenges faced in Windows Live Mail, users have to face the problem of code 0x800c013E unknowingly. This makes it impossible to get any work done on live mail. This error has to be faced by people after the launch of the new update of Windows Live Mail in 2004, (more…)

How to fix Outlook Synchronization Error – 8004011d-526-80040115-0?

  Admin |   3-Dec-20

Outlook creates an OST file that you can use in offline mode. OST file is the copy of data stored in the MS Exchange server. You can make the changes in the OST file but synchronize once you get online with the Exchange server. But in some situations, it doesn’t get synchronize and it shows some errors. (more…)

Remote Desktop Error Code 0x204 on a Windows/MAC

  Admin |   1-Dec-20

Error code 0x204 – The question mark in its title is that this is an error in the operating system when using the Remote Desktop Protocol. However, whether, you are trying to access data from any OS like Mac system, Windows system, Android phone, etc. (more…)

How to Add, Edit and Update Outlook Signature?

  Admin |   1-Dec-20

At present, anyone cannot deny that Outlook plays a very important role in email messaging. Microsoft Outlook offers multiple tremendous features so that users can easily work on it and maintain their database. In this way, Signature is an interesting feature in MS Outlook. Using Outlook Signature, the sender adds their personal information like- name, email address, social id, and others.  It helps senders to make emails attractive. (more…)

Troubleshooting method to fix Outlook error code 0000000E

  Admin |   28-Nov-20

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients that save the mailbox data in two file formats as .OST file and .PST file format. The OST file is an offline data file that synchronized with the MS Exchange server database to assists the users to view mailbox data in offline mode. (more…)

What are different office 365 mailboxes and its features?  

  Admin |   26-Nov-20

Office 365 is a great cloud solution with lot of benefits. It provides multiple facilities to Exchange Online users. User and Admin of Office 365 can easily manage their data on cloud. It offers unlimited storage of data to cloud mailboxes of O365 accounts. There are multiple different kinds of Exchange Online mailboxes. Users can use any of the mailboxes according to their requirement. Below are the types of mailbox of Exchange Online mailboxes. This helps in understanding each mailbox in a better way.

Types of Office 365 Mailboxes


How to Fix Excel File Error “Data May Have Been Lost”

  Admin |   26-Nov-20

excel bug


Microsoft offers a powerful program MS Excel to maintain and organize data sets. Using its formula and other features you can quickly complete any hard work. Excel helps businessmen in developing future strategies. According to these points, we can say that MS Excel plays a very important role in business & industry development. (more…)

How to switch between offline and online work in Outlook?

  Admin |   24-Nov-20

Microsoft Outlook has always been a better email client for the user, which is why it has millions of users worldwide. All its features have been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the people, one of which is the offline and online mode of Outlook. (more…)

How to configure domain email in Outlook with IMAP/POP3 protocol

  Admin |   20-Nov-20

MS Outlook is the desktop-based email client provided by Microsoft. The Outlook provides a lot of functionality to sending/receiving the email as well as managing calendars, contacts, and meetings, etc. We can easily set-up and access domain email in a desktop-based email client on any Windows OS system. (more…)

10 ways on how to keep Office 365 more secure

  Admin |   20-Nov-20

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud solution that provides multiple features including storing data, collaboration, teamwork, etc. It provides several normal and business applications to do all the important tasks of the organization. Exchange Online is a relevant solution that works on a cloud platform and provides more enhanced security. Lets learn few steps on how to keep Office 365 more secure. (more…)

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