How to handle or break large PST files over 10/20/30/ GB?

  Admin |   19-Nov-20

In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to break Outlook PST file into several smaller PSTs. It will also make it aware of the manual methodology breaking a large PST of any Outlook versions. (more…)

How to Resolve Outlook Spell Check Not Working

  Admin |   19-Nov-20

Every email and message play a very important role for both sender and receiver. The wrong message has a very bad impact on our personal, business, and enterprises. Therefore, before sending an email or message to another, the sender checks the message syntax properly so that it does not mistakenly type any incorrect words. (more…)

How to solve error code 43 in MAC OS?

  Admin |   18-Nov-20


Almost everyone will be familiar with the error code 43 that comes in Mac OS because it is common errors that people, in general, have to face in using Mac. If you are not familiar with this then let us know that this error comes at the time of copying files/data or taking them into the trash. (more…)

Manual Trick to Combine Multiple PST Files into a Single PST File

  Admin |   13-Nov-20

Some users asked me the manual technique to combine multiple PST files into a single PST file. Here, I am writing this article to solve users’ queries so that users can easily merge their PST files.

As we know Outlook is a widely used email client developed by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook comes with many advanced features that make the user’s tasks very easy and simple. But due to many PST files, it is difficult to maintain them all at one time.


How to Create Retention Policy in Office 365 Exchange Online?

  Admin |   13-Nov-20

Office 365 is used in several large organizations to store and manage data in the cloud. Exchange Online provides several options to manage O365 data. One of them is Message record management or the MRM, which helps in Office 365 retention management. Retention Policy and Retention tags are part of the MRM. Messaging record management (MRM) in Exchange Online helps in managing the records. MRM is possible through retention tags and retention policy. Here, we will talk about how to Create Retention Policy in Office 365. (more…)

[Solved] How to fix “Not Implemented” Error in MS Outlook?

  Admin |   12-Nov-20

Among the many errors in MS Outlook, many users will also be familiar with the “Not implemented” error. This error shows in the pop-window on your screen at any time of sending, receiving, or forwarding messages in Outlook. For what reason the “Not Implemented” error comes and what you can do to solve it, we will know through this post. (more…)

How to take Gmail Backup in MBOX file With Google Takeout?

  Admin |   23-Sep-20

Google takeout tool created by Google data liberation on 28th June 2011. This tool allows the user can easily take a backup and download his data which data stored in a Google service like Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, etc. this tool also has a 15 GB storage. The user can easily take a backup of Gmail in MBOX Format via use the tool Google Takeout. (more…)

Unable to Open NSF file Error- Cannot open NSF file Error-Solved

  Admin |   14-Sep-20

Prior initiating to the HCL Notes, formally known as Lotus Notes file error, “unable to open nsf file”, let’s discuss the Notes data file format that helps the user to access their precious database in IBM Notes. The NSF file is a data saving file format used by the Lotus Notes/ Domino Server platform to store the user database at local storage directories with .nsf format. It stands for Notes Storage Facility. A complete NSF database has various files to store user data such as-


How to resolve NSF file Error- “File does not exist” error.

  Admin |   9-Sep-20

HCL Notes, formally known as ”IBM Lotus Notes” is the most trusted and widely used email client prior to launching the MS Outlook. Both the clients use a significant file format to save the user’s data in the local storage directory. In the case of IBM Lotus Notes, it uses the NSF file format to store the client database. As the HCL Notes is a technical application to access, therefore, sometimes a user can encounter several errors as the file does not exist that can abandon them to access the NSF files.


How to restore .bak file in Outlook easily & retrieve complete data.

  Admin |   25-May-20

If you are here to find a solution for “how to import .bak file in Outlook 2016, 2019, 2013, 2010, 2007” then, you are on the right track. In this blog, I will let you know the complete manual process to restore .bak file in Outlook.

So let get started –

A .bak file is the best guardian for a person who has lost its important data. MS Outlook is a desktop-based email client by Microsoft which comes with many advanced features. And one of its best features is, it automatically generates a bak file, during the implementation of Inbox Repair Wizard. So in case, your PST file got corrupted you can restore PST using a bak file. (more…)

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