Import CSV contacts in MS Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019

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If you are looking for the solution, how to import CSV contacts in Outlook, then in this blog I am sharing with you the complete process of doing that with screenshots of each process. So that you can understand the complete process easy and do it by yourself. Bonus- I will also share with you much more information about the CSV file. So stay tuned and let’s get started.

The Outlook is a desktop-based e-mail client and by default, it is included with the MS Office suite. It is mainly used to send e-mails and storing data in the form of folders and notes, it has also the feature of calendars and to-do lists to manage your daily schedule. You can also save your contacts in it.
There is moreover an option to import contacts in Outlook. But the Outlook only accepts contacts in the form of CSV file & V-card (want to import the contacts only). CSV stands for (comma separated values) it is a special type of file that is created in MS Excel and in any text editor. In this file, you can save your contacts if you want to import them in Outlook. If you are looking for Importing the PST mailbox in Microsoft Outlook, then go with this blog – How to Import PST in Outlook?

Meaning of CSV files

CSV stands for comma-separated value, in this file data is save in tabular format, spreadsheet programs like MS Excel and Google sheet have the option to use CSV files. The extension of CSV file is .csv. This file is mostly used to export data of high volume. Since the CSV file is basically a simple text file so it is very easy to import them in any worksheet. The main difference between V-card (virtual contact file) and CSV is, V-card is data of all information of a particular single contact and combined data of multiple V-cards’ information is CSV file.

Significant of CSV files in E-commerce business

Generally, the data in online business is in very high volume like customer name, address, phone-no, an order placed, etc. This huge data is mostly stored in .csv extension so that it can be effortlessly imported/exported from one database to another.

How to create a CSV file using MS Excel and Notepad?

CSV file is very easy to make, it is a text file so it can be created by using any text editor. First, open notepad in your local system then starts typing the data you want to create and save it in .csv extension. In CSV file data is stored in tabular form so separate one data from another by using comma at the end of each value and to separate a row use a new line. For e.g. –

1- In this example, I type the data in notepad in this systematic manner >> same file name as file.csv



2- The data I saved on notepad as .csv extension is by default open in tabular form in excel.


Contact information in CSV

How to Import CSV Contacts in MS Outlook 2013, 2016, and 2019?

• Open Outlook in your system >> Click on file option at the top left corner.

Outlook File Menu

• Select the open and export button

Open & Export

• Hit import/export button

Import CSV in Outlook

• Select Import from another program or file option and press next.

Select CSV file

• Select comma-separated value >> hit next.

CSV file

• Browse the CSV file from your local system>> select either one option.

           ~ Replace duplicates with items imported – choose this option in case if you are sure that imported data is new or additional to the previous one.
           ~ Allow duplicates to be created – pick this option in case you want to keep all duplicates data all so.
           ~ Do not import duplicate items – select this option in case you just want to add new data from the imported file.

Browse CSV file

• Select the contacts (this computer only) option in the destination folder >> hit next

Select folder to Import CSV in MS Outlook

• After clicking of Next button, you will get a window like this for mapping the contacts information in MS Outlook –

Choose Mapping Option

• This is the most important step in the whole process in this, you have to drag value from the left side (contact.csv file) to right (MS Outlook). You have to drag the value from the left side to its appropriate place on the right side (for e.g. first name value from .csv file to right in front of the first name on the MS Outlook side). After dragging all data to its right place >> click on ok button.

Mapping information

• Click on finish and in just a couple of seconds (depending upon the size of .CSV file) your all data is imported to MS Outlook.

Finish the process

As you have seen that it is very easy to make a .csv file and at the same time to import a CSV file to MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and another version. I hope that this informative blog has helped you to understand the meaning of CSV file, the difference between CSV file and V-card, how to make CSV file using any text editor (notepad) and importing CSV file to MS Outlook. If you have any doubts regarding the CSV file, then don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be much happier to help you.

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