How to Perform Cutover Migration for Exchange to Office 365?

  Admin |   16-Dec-19

 Here, you know all about the Cutover Migration and the entire steps involved to perform Cutover Migration. Follow the below blog to know the complete details of this migration process.

What is cutover migration in Exchange to Office 365 Migration?

A cutover migration is one of the methods to import Exchange to o365 that allows moving up to 2000 mailboxes from On-premise to the cloud area of Office 365 environment. This process is applicable for Exchange 2003 and all the other later versions.  It is the process to move mailboxes from Exchange to the cloud-based platform.

The entire process divided into the 3 categories and each needs to fulfill for a successful Exchange Server migration to Office 365. (more…)

Common Lotus Notes Error of Domino Server- Complete Solution

  Admin |   13-Dec-19

Lotus Notes is a highly technical platform to operate by users, still, it is the most prominent email client among the users. Through the highly technical methodology, a tyro user faces many errors due to inexperience in Domino/IBM Notes or lack of technical knowledge. A user may face this Domino Server/Lotus Notes error while accessing their notes data file (.nsf). Get complete accurate knowledge about the Lotus Notes error and know their solutions to resolving the Domino errors with this write-up.

How to enable or configure Outlook Anywhere to connect Exchange?

  Admin |   11-Dec-19

Here, I am going to discuss all about Outlook Anywhere and how to configure Outlook Anywhere to connect Exchange.

What is Outlook Anywhere?

 Outlook Anywhere, formerly known as RPC over HTTP is a feature that allows users to use MS Outlook outside the business organization without VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN allows working in Outlook within the organization’s firewall only. However, Outlook Anywhere provides a connection outside the organization even without VPN to work remotely. (more…)

How to create Migration Endpoints in Office 365 Exchange Online?

  Admin |   6-Dec-19

Migration endpoints are created to establish a connection between On-Premise Exchange Server and Office 365. It allows managing settings in order to perform a successful migration process from Exchange to Exchange Online. Here, I am going to discuss some steps that help you create migration endpoints in Office 365.

How to configure migration endpoints in Office 365?

It is necessary to do the Exchange migration endpoints configuration in order to connect the On-Premise Exchange to the remote server that leads to the migration of the Exchange mailbox to Office 365 Cloud. (more…)

Change Lotus Notes Password or Resetting NSF File Password

  Admin |   5-Dec-19

There is a need to change Lotus Notes Password because Lotus Notes uses only one file format NSF to save the user mailbox data in the local storage. NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility in which user’s emails, addresses books, calendar entries, Task details; personal journals, etc. are saved in a sequential and well-designed manner that is easy to fetch for the users. Although, the NSF file stores all mailbox data at one location along with a user id, therefore, Lotus Notes bound the user to provide login credentials to open IBM Notes 8, 8.5, 9, 10, etc.

How to Add and verify a new domain to Office 365 account?

  Admin |   5-Dec-19

After purchasing an Office 365 subscription plan it is the first thing every administrator needs to do. But some of the organizations or individual users do not do this and prefer to go with default Microsoft sub-domain name for example ‘’. (more…)

Compact NSF File to Resolve Lotus Notes Database File Size Limit Error

  Admin |   2-Nov-19

Did you ever think about why there is a requirement to compact NSF file when the Lotus Notes is working properly? Most of the organizations adopt Lotus Notes email client and saves their clients, employees’ database in the NSF file format (default file format of IBM Notes). As we know Lotus Notes is an All-in-One platform that handles and performs sending/receiving of all tasks such as emails, contacts, calendars, personal journals, task lists, etc. In an enterprise number of employees works, therefore, the size of their corresponding NSF mailbox file can exceed due to the huge amount of emails, attachments, and other respective data items that make the NSF file corrupt and inaccessible. To come out from this pathetic situation, either you have to perform a process to compact NSF file to remove this scenario or you have to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook to access the same data in Outlook Platform. (more…)

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration process issues & Challenges – Solved

  Admin |   12-Oct-19

You know why Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration occurs issues because Lotus Notes is a highly technical on-premise email client and on the other hand, Office 365 is a cloud-based platform, which is facilitated with all pre-existed features of Lotus Notes and has some additional functionalities to make a user work burden less. Both the platforms used to explore the mailbox emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. with 100% security and compatibility. Lotus Notes is an on-premise email client that works only on the local machine (in which it is configured) however, Office 365 is operable from any device and any place with the same flexibility.


[Solved] Recover accidentally deleted files in Windows 10.

  Admin |   9-Oct-19

File deletion is a common problem that most users end up with and later look for a means to retrieve these files. If you want to recover these relevant files accidentally deleted, then I am happy to tell you that you can easily recover lost and missing files. You just need to follow some manual steps. (more…)

Recover data from External Hard Disk when it’s not detected in Windows.

  Admin |   9-Oct-19

Often we find that most of the users like to save their personal data in external storage devices, like- Hard disk. But sometimes when they plugin external hard disk then computer would not recognize it and show error “Hard disk is not accessible”. Now it became big trouble for them and think that “how to access our hard disk and got our data back”. (more…)

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