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Download MailsDaddy PST Merger tool to consolidate multiple PST files into a single PS file without any changes in the original database. The software is helpful to merge & join overall PST file data items including contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, attachments, etc.

  • Allows merging Outlook PST file contacts.
  • Easy and safe to use for all Outlook users. 
  • Compatible to combine password locked PST files.
  • Enables to safely join all editions of Outlook  PST file.

How to Merge or Remove Duplicate Contacts in Outlook

No one can ignore the best performance of MS Outlook for secure emailing in businesses and enterprises. It is one of the recommended email client by professionals because it has all the features and functionality that is needed. Outlook offers multiple features and one of them is Contact.

Sometimes moving or merging contacts from one folder to another may create duplicate contacts in outlook. By removing the duplicate contacts you may lose some of the information because one contact may contain some information that is not there in other. Here we will discuss how users can get away from this issue and merge duplicate contacts in Outlook. Let’s start:-


How to Consolidate Duplicate Contacts in Outlook:-

  • Using Free Manual Method
  • Using Advanced Technical Method


1:- Remove Duplicate Contacts Using Free Manual Method –

Here you will know two different techniques to skip matched contacts in Outlook, that are:-

A: Merge Multiple Contact Folders and Remove Duplicate Contacts in Outlook:-

If you want to combine one contact folder into another folder in Outlook with skipping all duplicate contacts, follow the below-given steps.

1:- Open MS Outlook, click on the File and choose the Options tab.

2:- After that select the People button and enable Check for duplicates when saving new contacts check-box in the Names and Filling section.

3:- Now Click on OK and Close it.

4:- Now Select People in the lower corner of the Outlook panel.

5:- After that go on that folder which contacts you want to shift in another folder.

6:- Now select all contact using “Ctrl + A” >> Right-click in mouse and choose the Move option.

7:- In the sub-menu, select that contact folder in which you want to move all these contacts.

8:- If in this process system gets any duplicate contacts, Outlook will open a Duplicate Contacts Detected new window.

9:- Here simply click on the Update All button and with till the process is over.


B: Remove Duplicate Contacts from A single Contact Folder in Outlook:-

If you have a single contact folder list and on that multiple contacts are duplicate, follow the below steps to delete duplicate contacts:-

Create New Folder:-

1:- Open Microsoft Outlook and go to the People in the lower-left corner of the Outlook panel.

2:- Now right-click on the sub-option Contact of My Contact and Hit on New Folder.

3:- Now provide the folder name “Here I use ‘IMDuplicate’ folder name”.


Move all Contact folders contacts in New Created Folder:-

1:-Select all contact of Contact folders using Ctrl + A.

2:- Now Using the drag & drop method, move all selected contact in the new folder “IMDuplicate”.


Export Contacts in .csv:-

1:- In Outlook select File menu >> click on Open and Export and choose Import/Export.

2:- Select Export to a file then Next.

3:- Choose Comma Separated Values.

4:- Now click on the new created folder “IMDuplicate” and Next.

5:- After that Browse and provide the destination location of the converted .csv file.

6:- At last Finish this process.


Import .csv file in original Contact folder:-

1:- Again go to Import and Export Wizard and choose Import from another program or file.

2:- Select Comma Separated Values and then Next.

3:- Now browse and import the converted .csv file >> Select Do not import Duplicate items and click on Next.

4:- Now select Contacts folder and then next.

5:- Finely click on the Finish button.

6:- After this process deleted the newly created folder “IMDuplicate”.


Note:- As you saw above manual method takes a long time in removing duplicate contacts. Moreover, there is no surety that you will get the accurate result using the free manual trick. So most of the users prefer to use any third-party tool.


2:- Merge Duplicate Contact in Outlook Using Advanced Technical Method:-

MailsDaddy offers a perfect solution PST Merger Tool that not only merges PST file contacts with skipping duplicate contacts but also helps to combine all Outlook data items with removing duplicate databases, like- email, notes, calendars. Tasks, etc. The software offers a skip duplicate items button that is helpful to combine multiple PST files into a single PST file with removing all duplicate contents.

Feature to Consolidate PST files:-

1:- Provides 100% safe and secure results and helps to improve the performance of Outlook.

2:- Offers to merge multiple PST files contact and other items with skipping supplicate content.

3:- Enables to merge Password Protected, ANSI, Unicode, and Archive Microsoft PST files.

4:- Support MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and other older editions.

5:- The best thing is here that users can install this tool on Windows 10, 8, 7, and other versions.


Free Demo Pack:- The utility comes with a free trial version that enables users to test its functionality before purchase. The free demo version enables users to combine the first 20 email items (also contacts) per mailbox without any cost.


Closing Statement:- I believe all the above-listed processes will become much helpful to merge and remove duplicate contacts. First, you can go with the free manual technique (after tacking backup of contacts). If you do not get the accurate result then go for MailsDaddy provided PST Merge and Join Tool.

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