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MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer

Experience a top rated EML opener application

Utilize this free EML reader tool to open multiple EML files and read them independently without requiring any email client. The software enables you to view EML messages along with corresponding attachments and Meta properties.

  • Easily read EML files without installing Outlook Express or Windows live mail.
  • Preview all EML messages along with attachments and email properties.
  • EML opener provides Search Mails features to find and view required emails only.
  • A complete free solution for accessing EML files created through any application.
  • The EML file viewer does not require mail client installation to view messages.
  • Support Microsoft Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista etc.
  • EML viewer PRO edition tool allows exporting EML to PST, MSG, HTML, RTF, MHTML

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Find Many Helpful Features of this Free EML Reader Solution

open EML files on MAC PC

Browse A Folder of EML Files

The EML message viewer allow users, adding a folder contains multiple EML files at once and quickly generates a complete preview of entire selected messages .

add eml file folder

Quickly Search EML files from PC

The EML opener fetch all folders & drives of your PC and view them in proper folder sturcure. You may click on folder contains EML files to load all messgaes.

load and view eml files attachments

Open .eml email Attachments

If you are wondering how to open .eml email attachments then this eml extension viewer will let you to view emails alongwith corresponding attachments.

view EML file mail data

Preview EML Email Properties

Free EML file viewer preserve all mail proeprties of messages such as: To, From, CC, BCC , Subject and Date etc. So open EML format file with complete details.

search EML files

Search Emails Criteria Wise

If a folder contains many EML files and you need to view messages of specific criteria then Seach Mail(s) option will help you to find out and read required messages only.

preview Windows live mail items

Windows Live mail Viewer

Free EML viewer is also known as Windows Live mail viewer which helps users to open and view Windows Live mail messages independently.

preview EML content

Independent EML Viewer Tool

The EML opener lets the user view EML file's content, even in absence of Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail and Windows Live mail etc.

open .eml without wlm

One Click EML reader

MailsDaddy offers an easy-to-use, interactive and self-descriptive EML message viewer software which has user-friendly graphical user interface.

A Few Advance Features Available on EML Viewer Pro Software Only

export eml files to pst

Export EML to PST File Format

The EML extension Viewer PRO allows users to convert required EML files to Outlook PST file format which can be open with all editions of Outlook.

eml messages to msg

Export EML to MSG File Format

The EML Extension Viewer PRO facilitates users to convert all or required EML files to MSG file format which can be open messages with Outlook.

extract eml to rtf

Convert EML to RTF Format

The Pro tool allows exporting EML to RTF file format which enables you to open and read messages with MS word or any text editior everywhere.

 export eml to html

EML to HTML Conversion

The EML message reader is capable to export EML to HTML file format. HTML is a web page format which can be open with any web browser as well as text editor.

export eml files

Save Individual Messages

The EML opener has a unique feature by using which you can save an individual messages to MSG, HTML, MHTML and RTF file formats by right clicking on message.

view & save eml files attachments

Save Email Attachments

This is another good feature of EML file viewer by using which you can simply extract EML attachments and save them to their original file format.

export selected eml files

Export Selected Items Only

This is another good feature of this portable EML reader software which allows users to select required emails only and export them to desired file format.

 export eml to mhtml format

Convert EML to MHTML Format

The software allow users to convert EML files to MHTML document file format. MHTML is an archive file for web page which can be open in Internet Explorer.

What is EML File Extension and How to Open EML File Format?

The EML is a file extension for an e-mail message used by Microsoft Outlook Express,Windows Live mail as well as some other email programs. EML files are saved to a file in the MIME RFC 822 standard format. To open an EML file on your Windows PC you must have an EML supported email program such as: Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla SeaMonkey etc. But incase you don't have installed any of these application and want to open or convert your EML files that time MailsDaddy free EML viewer tool will be helpful. This is a standalone EML file viewer that open multiple EML files at a time and View EML file content aling with corresponding attachments.

How to Open EML Files without Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail?

If you don't have Outlook Express or Windows Live mail installed on your PC that time you can open and read EML files with other applications.

  1. By Using Notepad or Other Text Editor: An EML file can read by using Notepad or any other text editor program. Notepad is not a suitable solution, because it does not preserve original formating or HTML effects.
  2. By Using Other Desktop Email Client: EML files can be opened by using other EML supported free desktop based applications such as: MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, The bat & Pegasus Mail etc.
  3. By Using MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer: This EML reader is a portable viewer and reliable file manager for .eml file extension. Use this free EML Viewer application to view, search, organize and export EML to PST messages which can be accessed globally with MS Outlook.

Why to Go for this Portable EML Viewer Software?

You can avail several benefits by using this freeware and Pro edition of EML reader application. A few benefits of using this EML file opener are:

  1. Open and view EML file content independently even you don’t have any email application.
  2. Migrate EML files to Microsoft Outlook by converting them into MSG or PST file formats.
  3. Printing a few required messages by coverting them into HTML and MHTML file formats.
  4. EML message viewer provide advance search options to filter out and view only required EML files.
  5. Open EML files with Word pad, MS Word and other text editors by converting EML to RTF format.
  6. Solve a popular query “how to open .eml email attachments” by saving EML attachments.
  7. Open eml files without Outlook express, Windows Mail and Windows Live mail applications.

How to Read EML Messages by using this Free EML Extension Viewer?

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MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer Demo Limits & Specifications

By using this free EML file viewer tool you can open and view EML file content along with all Mail properties and attachments. Upgade to EML Viewer PRO edition to export EML files to PST, MSG and HTML formats.

Product Specifications:

Application Name: MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer
Developers: MailsDaddy Software
Latest Edition: 1.0
Size 3.93 MB

System Requirements:

Processor & RAM: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 50 MB
Supported Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and All Older Editions (32-bit & 64-bit)

Frequently Asked Questions For MailsDaddy Free EML Viewer

Yes, EML file opener is completely FREE to use for life-time. If you want to use a few advance features like Export EML file to pst or other formats, then you can Upgrade to EML Viewer PRO.
There is no limitations, you can browse a folder contains any number of EML files to open and read them independtly.
No, For now we have launched EML viewer for Windows only but very soon you will get EML file viewer for MAC.
No, Freeware applications are developed for viewing file extensions only. To avail export features you can upgrade software to PRO edition.
Yes, the software preview EML files with accurate emails properties along with corresponding attachments.
Free EML message viewer application is applicable to open and view email content only but does not allow you to save or export them since PRO edition of software enables all restricted features.
No, this is a standalone EML viewer which works independently. You can view EML file content without Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail appliactions.