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MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter V5.0

A globally Used MBOX Email Extractor Software

An Affordable MBOX to Outlook converter tool that exports popularly used .mbox, .mbx & .mbs files of Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora Mail, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, Entourage email clients to Outlook PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, RTF, HTML and MHTML formats.

  • Quickly add single as well as multiple MBOX files to be converted to PST format.
  • The best MBOX to PST converter allows filtering emails through To, From, Subject and date etc.
  • Load and preview all messages along with intact mail properties and attachments.
  • The software saves selected or individual emails to required format by right clicking on them.
  • Multiple choices for converting mbox files to pst, eml, emlx, msg, rtf, html and mhtml formats
  • The tool allow users to import MBOX mail to Outlook, 2016, 2011, 2013, 2010 and 2007 etc.
  • The MBOX converter supports Windows 10, Win8, 7, XP & Vista (32-bit & 64-bit are supported)

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Some of the Notable Features of MBOX to Outlook Conversion Tool

The MBOX email extractor has been embedded with several helpful features that make this exporter tool the first preference for all users when they need to transfer MBOX to PST file format.

convert multiple mbox files to pst

Add Multiple MBOX Files at Once

The MBOX converter to PST tool is developed with an advance option to browse and add multiple MBOX folders at a time to perform conversion into desired file format.

migrating MBOX files to Outlook

Add a Folder Contains MBOX files

By using this option you can simply add a folder where .mbox files are located. The software will automatically detect and add all files at a single click.

search MBOX file and export into PST format

Support .mbox/.mbx/.mbs File Formats

MBOX to Outlook converter is capable to convert .mbox, .mbs and .mbx files to pst format. You just need to select a drive or folder where these files are stored.

preview MBOX file messages

Preview Emails with Intact Mail Properties

The MBOX to PST converter portable tool generates a complete preview of emails. So you can simply read email messages along with mail header properties.

preview and extract MBOX file attachments

Preview & Export Email Attachments

The MBOX mail exporter software preserve and convert email attachments into their original format. You can save required attachments only though right click.

search and export required emails from mbox file

Allow to Search Mails Criteria Wise

The MBOX conversion to PST tool allows users to search and filter emails by selected criteria (To, From, Subject, Has Attachments & received date etc.).

convert from mbox to pst

Convert MBOX Folders to PST File

The MBOX to Outlook converter allows users to combine all mbox files and create a single PST file as well as create individual PST for each MBOX file.

import mbox into O365

Import MBOX file to Office 365 Account

You can convert mbox to PST and import to Office 365 using Microsoft Network upload. We have developed another tool for migrating MBOX files to Office 365 mailbox.

convert MBOX to EML format

Convert MBOX to EML Format

The software is also used for MBOX to EML conversion which helps users to access messages with several email clients in Windows as well as MAC OS X.

save emails as emlx format

Export MBOX to EMLX File

This feature is very helpful for MAC users because EMLX is mainly used by Apple Mail. So convert MBOX to EMLX files and later use them with Apple Mail.

extract mbox messages to msg files

Convert MBOX to MSG File Type

Exporting messages from MBOX file to MSG format will help you to open these emails with Microsoft Outlook. Use this option to convert needed messages only.

save file in rtf format

Convert MBOX to RTF Format

This option will help you to convert MBOX file emails to rich text format (.rtf) which can be open with MS Word as well as any other text editor application.

export mbox to html format

MBOX to HTML Conversion

The MBOX to PST converter also provide an option to save MBOX file messages to HTML format which can be open with a standard web browser application.

mbox to mhtml

Export MBOX to MHTML

This MBOX file Converter is also used for MBOX to MHTML conversion. Resulting files can be open with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browser.

migrate mails from thunderbird to outlook

Export Thunderbird to Outlook

By using this MBOX to Outlook conversion tool you can simply migrate Thunderbird mailboxes to most reliable Outlook PST file format.

import entourage mail to ms outlook

Export Entourage to Outlook

The tool allows migrating mail messages from MAC Entourage database to Microsoft Outlook through quick and easy MBOX file to PST conversion technique.

converting appple mail mbox to pst

Export Apple mail to Outlook

The MBOX file converter supports .mbox files of Mac Apple mail and convert all them to Outlook importable PST or any other needed file format.

migrate mbx file of eudora mail to Microsoft Outlook

Export Eudora to Outlook.

You can use this best MBOX to PST converter tool to migrate Eudora mailboxes to most popular email client. It's easy and effective solution convert .mbx to pst.

import MBS file data to Outlook

Export Opera Mail to Outlook

Opera mail generally saves all messages in an .mbs file which can be simply import or migrate into MS Outlook by using this MBOX email extractor tool.

export mbox to outlook 2016, 2013, 2011, 2010 and 2007

All Outlook Version Supported

The MBOX file conversion tool creates a Unicode type of PST which is supported by Microsoft Outlook 2016, Outlook 2011 for mac, 2013, 2010 and 2007 etc.

Find Helpful Techniques to Open, Convert or Migrate MBOX to PST Files Manually

The .mbox file extension is used by many popular email clients for storing mail messages. But .mbox is not supported by Microsoft Outlook that's why user starts wondering the best way to convert MBOX to PST file. So here in this section I am going to discuss a few common scenarios where user need to save mbox as pst format as well as manual methods for exporting MBOX to Outlook PST format.

Why User Need to Transfer MBOX to PST?

Outlook email client is developed by a well know company Microsoft which provides several unique features for batter email management.

  • Compatibility with MS Exchange Server that helps to access and maintain the mail items offline.
  • Password protection for protecting .pst files data from spammers and hackers.
  • Inbuilt calendaring feature to make notes, maintain tasks, calendaring, etc.
  • Multiple languages supported, MS outlook supports 96 languages.e
  • Anti-spam function that help users to prevent from unnecessary emails.

The Outlook uses .pst file extension to store mail account data and does not support .mbox format. That's why user need to performs mbox to pst conversion and start searching related queries.

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Manual Solution to Convert MBOX files to PST Format

There are a few manual methods for converting mbox files to pst format. So if you don't want to buy a mbox to outlook conversion tool then use one of the suitable solution to migrate mbox mailbox data to Outlook.

First Manual Method to Export MBOX file to PST format

You cannot convert MBOX files directly into Outlook that requires some extra efforts to do the conversion. First, import mbox file into Apple Mail then use Eudora to create the mailbox after that use Outlook Express to import the mailboxes and then import these mailboxes into MS Outlook from Outlook Express.

Importing MBOX into Apple Mail:

  1. Open Apple mail -> Click File -> Import Mailboxes
  2. Choose the .mbox file(s) from where you want to import data and click Continue.
  3. Browse MBOX file -> click Choose to select the item(s) to import -> Click Continue for further process.
  4. Click Done when the process completed.

Create mailbox using Eudora:

  1. Rename the file name “inbox” into “inbox.mbx”.
  2. Move renamed file (inbox.mbx) into a directory where Eudora stores its files. (C:Documents and Settings<user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora).
  3. Open Eudora -> double click on “inbox.mbx” file to confirm the file creation -> close the Eudora.

Import mailbox using Outlook Express:

  1. Open Outlook Express -> go to File -> Import -> Messages.
  2. Choose Eudora from the list -> click Next.
  3. Browse location of inbox.mbx file -> click OK.
  4. Click Next, then Next again and Finish.

Import mailbox from Outlook Express to MS Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook -> click on File -> Open.
  2. Click Import -> Import and Export Wizard.
  3. Select the Import Internet Mail and Addresses -> click Next.
  4. Now, choose Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail -> click on Next button.

These steps will help you to perform mbox to pst conversion and migrate mbox mailboxes to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 etc.

Second Manual Solution to Convert MBOX files to PST Format

Another manual technique to transfer mbox file to pst format is synchronizing mails using IMAP server as shown below:

  1. Configure the same IMAP account to Apple Mail/Mozilla Thunderbird & MS Outlook.
  2. Now create a new folder on Apple Mail or Thunderbird and move mbox file items to new created folder by dragging method.
  3. Now open MS Outlook and click on Send/Receive button to download those mails. This synchronization method will retrieve mbox file messages on Outlook over IMAP.

Note: Bothe methods are tricky and time consuming so it will be better to go with MailsDaddy MBOX to PST converter. It takes a few minutes to browse and convert multiple .mbox files to .pst formats.

Check How to Export MBOX to Outlook by Using Best MBOX Converter Tool

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MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter Demo Limits & Specifications

By using the free edition of MBOX to Outlook conversion tool you can preview MBOX file items along with all mail properties. The demo edition tool exports only 20 items per folder and does not allows saving attachments. To remove these restrictions, you need to buy full version tool.

Product Specifications:

Application Name: MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter
Developers: MailsDaddy Software
Latest Edition: 5.0
Size 7.5 MB

System Requirements:

Processor & RAM: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 20 MB
Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and All Older Editions (32-bit & 64-bit)
Microsoft Outlook Supported Versions: MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and all previous editions (32-bit & 64-bit)
Frequently Asked Questions about MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter
Yes, the application is capable to search, add and convert multiple mbox files to single as well as separate PST files.
No, Outlook.com is a web based email service provider which does not allows exporting or importing emails directly from account. The converted PST file can be imported into Outlook 2016, 2011, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 etc.
No, we have developed another toolto import mbox into office 365 accounts. The tool will automatically upload your MBOX files to Cloud based Office 365 mailbox.
Yes, the MBOX email extractor software allows converting selected items only. You can also search and export required mails only by using Search Mail feature.
The converted Outlook PST files will be saved in a folder with the default name "M@ilsDaddy" at the location specified by you.
Don't worry, the MBOX to Outlook conversion tool provides "search files" option by using which you can find all mbox files from the selected folder, sub-folder or drive. The tool not only finds the MBOX file, but also locates the MBX, MBS, MacMBOX, and AppleMail files.
Yes, the software supports 21+ mail clients and their files (.mbox/.mbx/.mbs) to convert into a desired file format.
The free trial edition of the tool will scan, preview and export first 20 items per folder. Since full version MBOX file exporter tool convert all items without any limitations.
No, It's not mandatory you can perform the conversion even if MS Outlook is not installed on PC.