Import MBOX to Office365

Our MailsDaddy MBOX to Office 365 is an email migration solution that imports multiple MBOX files into Office 365 Primary, Shared, In-Place Archive and, Group mailboxes. Effortlessly upload emails and attachments from .mbox files into your Office 365 or Live Exchange Server.

5 star rattings See our Reviews on Trustpilot


MBOX To Office 365 Migration Tool

5 star ratings See our Reviews on Trustpilot
  • The software supports .mbox/.mbx/.mbs files of several email clients.
  • Preview all e-mails & attachments before moving them to Office 365.
  • MBOX to Office 365 tool allows transferring selected folders/messages.
  • Import MBOX data to O365 Primary as well as In-Place Archive Mailbox.
  • Transfer large size MBOX files to Office 365 or Exchange On-Premise.
  • Mbox to Office 365 Import Solution with 100% Secured Migration.
  • MBOX to Office 365 migration software supports Windows 10, Win8, 7, XP & Vista (32-bit & 64-bit are supported)
  • Migrate mailboxes of Apple mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, entourage, Eudora, PocoMail, SeaMonkey, PowerMail, Opera Mail, Webmail and many more mbox supported email clients.

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Find Some Helpful Features Of MBOX To Office 365 Import Tool

Search or Browse MBOX Files

The software allows adding MBOX file manually, browsing a folder where MBOX files are stored and searching MBOX files form pointed location.

Advanced GUI Solution

The MBOX to Office 365 Migration Tool is developed with an advanced algorithm that performs the MBOX to Office 365 Migration with an ease.

Keeps Same Folder Structure

The MBOX to Office 365 converter preserve the original folder names as well as folder structure even after migration into Office 365 mailbox.

Preview Emails and Attachments

The MBOX file to Office 365 migrator show all selected files. Just click on any file to load and preview its e-mails with corresponding attachments.

Migrate Selected Data to Office 365

If you don't want to move all e-mails of MBOX files to Office 365 then you can select required messages and click on the Export button to migrate them.

Search and Upload needed items

This is another advance option to apply the filter on emails through To, CC, Subject, Date, and Has Attachments before migrating to Office 365.

Migrate MBOX to Exchange On-premise

The software allows multiple MBOX files migration from Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Eudora & other email clients to Live Exchange.

Import MBOX Structure in Primary Mailbox

The software allows users to upload MBOX data files to the Primary mailbox of Live Exchange and Office 365 in a few clicks.

Transfer MBOX File to Archive Mailbox

Including primary mailbox, the tool also includes the option to import the MBOX file into the Archive mailbox of Office 365 or Live Exchange.

Import MBOX File to Office 365

After previewing messages you can migrate mailbox to Office 365 account. You only need to provide your Office 365 login credentials for migration.

Compatible with Windows 10

The MBOX to Office 365 import tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP. So you can use this application on All Windows OS.

Independent Email Migration tool

This is a standalone application that does not require MS Outlook, Exchange Server, or any other application for uploading MBOX folders to Office 365.

Run-on all Window-based Operating System

The MBOX to Office 365 converter is compatible with all Window version such as Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP & other older editions of 64 & 32 bits.

Migrate Thunderbird email to Office 365

The software is also used for Thunderbird to Office 365 migration. You can directly move Thunderbird mail to Office 365 platform by using its MBOX files.

Move Apple Mail to Office 365 Mailbox

: If you want to import Apple Mail to Office 365 then this tool will help you. Initially, export Mac Mail folders to MBOX files and migrate them into Office 365.

Transfer Entourage Database to Office 365

Copy Entourage database .mbox files on Windows machine and easily migrate entourage to office 365 with the help of this excellent solution.

Import .mbs Files of Opera Mail to Office 365

If you have .mbs files to import on Office 365 which was created by Opera Mail then its good news for you. Because this software also supports .mbs files.

Migrate Webmail to Office 365 Mailbox

The software allows moving from Webmail to Office 365. You can backup Godaddy or other Webmail into MBOX and migrate them into Office 365 account.

Export Evolution Mail to Office 365 Account

MBOX to Office 365 migration tool is applicable to import Evolution mail (.mbox) files to Microsoft Office 365 within a few simple clicks.

Transfer Netscape to Office 365 Off-premise

Netscape Mail was an email and news click which supports .mbox files. So you can transfer Netscape MBOX files to Office 365 using this tool.

Upload MBX Files of Eudora to Office 365

The software also supports .mbx files created by Eudora mail. So now you can migrate Eudora mail messages into Office 365 off-premise platform.

We Migrate Emails & Related Information

Emails: - This convenient & unique software can transfer MBOX file emails in Office 365 & Live Exchange cloud platforms with all meta properties. Some of the properties are mentioned below:

  • To
  • From
  • Inline images
  • Subject
  • Bcc
  • Cc
  • Date

The utility is compatible to keep maintaining all Meta properties while importing the MBOX file into Exchange Online. Also the application also preserver text formatting, folder structure, email status, and Html formatting.

Attachments:This MBOX to Office 365 importer tool allows moving MBOX files email in both cloud platforms with related attachments. The program supports all types of attachments and some of them are:

  • Zip
  • Jpeg
  • Png
  • PPT
  • XLS
  • DOCX
  • etc.

Folders - This MBOX to Office 365 migration software helps to import the MBOX file with all folder and subfolders with full accuracy. Some of them are:

  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Sent
  • Junk Email
  • Draft
  • Delete

Best Features Of MailsDaddy MBOX To Office 365 Migration Tool


Import MBOX files in Different Office 365 Mailbox

The best thing about this software is that it provides the option to shift complete M BOX file data in O365 Primary, Group, In-place Archive, and Shared mailbox. Users just need to select that mailbox where you want to import entire emails. Here users can also create a new folder in each mailbox and import all data inside that folder.

  • Export Shared Mailbox
  • Export to Archive Mailbox
  • Export to Group Mailbox

Batch MBOX to Office 365 Migration

Importing MBOX files one by one can take a long time. To solve this problem, an advanced bulk export feature has been provided in this software. Using this technology, users can easily transfer a single as well as multiple MBOX files to Office 365 platform simultaneously. Also, here users are compatible to transfer the unlimited size of the MBOX file in Exchange 365 without tampering any data.

  • Batch Export
  • No File Size Limitation
bulk migration
easy migration from mbox to office 365

Compatibility with Selected Data Migration

  • Sometimes, users want to move some closable data to the office 365 account. The utility is compatible to transfer selected MBOX email/ file /folder into Cloud 365 platform.
  • If you want to some selected email then you can choose all those emails from the preview section and export them using the export selected facility.
  • If you want to import selected client information then you can use the Search Mail(s) option.
  • Moreover, you also migrate the selected database from MBOX to Office 365 by using the Date Filter option.
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