Working Guide of the Tool

Step 1: Lunch the installed MailsDaddy PST Split Tool.

run the software

Step 2: You can add the PST file and also browse the folder or search it by clicking on the Add File or Search button.

browse the pst file

Note: You can also delete the selected item or clear the entire list.

Step 3: Give the location to save the Split PST file on the PC.

choose save location

Split By Date:

Choose the added PST file then check on the Split by Date option and click Next.

split by date

Select the PST file and then give date range. After that click the Add Data button to show the item and hit Split PST.

hit on split button

Now select the PST to segment into the small PSTs and click Split PST.

Note: You can also add the multiple date range to selected PSTs.

select multiple range of pst

After clicking the Split PST it will cut your large PST fine into small formats.

cut the pst file

Split By Email ID:

You can also cut the large PST file into small PSTs by the Email ID.

For this just select the added PST files and check on the Split by Email ID option then hit Next.

split by email

Now choose the PST and Show email address to view the email id. After that select the IDs do you want to keep in new splitted PST file and click Split button.

select email id and split

Once you click Split then it will successfully segment the large PST into small files.

confirmation message

Split By Size:

With this feature you can cut the PST into the selected size. For this check the Split by Size option and give file size in MB or GB.

set the file size

Split By Folder:

For this select the PST file and check on the split by folder option then click next.

select split by folder

After clicking next just select the PST file and choose the folder which one you want to split. Now check on the folder structure at the end hit on the Split button

click on split button

The large PST will segment into the small PSTs and once it complete; it will give the conformation message.

confirmation message